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Motor vehicle accidents involving head on collisions often fatal

At least six occupants were traveling in a mini van on a Wisconsin road just after 9:30 p.m. on a recent Friday night. Their lives were forever changed when a terrible collision occurred. Motor vehicle accidents like this one often leave entire communities reeling in grief for months.

A 38-year-old man appears to have caused the horrific accident. For some unknown reason, his vehicle was allegedly traveling east in a westbound lane. The mini van carrying two young children and four others was moving in the same lane in the proper direction at the time. The man's vehicle reportedly smashed directly into the front of the vehicle carrying six people.

You can keep fighting drug charges even in the courtroom

Despite the fact that Wisconsin maintains legal exceptions for medical marijuana, the laws here are still firmly against buying, cultivating, selling and consuming the drug without special permission. While some states may take a more aggressive approach to prosecuting drug crimes, drug charges remain a serious issue for thousands of individuals throughout the country each year.

Any time you or someone you know receives drug charges, you must fight them quickly and fiercely. The penalties for drug crimes, even relatively small ones, are incredibly unfair, but that's not where the trouble ends. Many individuals who get convicted of drug crimes serve their sentences only to find that life on the other side of that sentence is much more difficult.

Pursuing recovery following Wisconsin motor vehicle accidents

Many factors place you at risk for injury when traveling by car in Wisconsin. Whether you're behind the wheel or riding as a passenger, your safety often depends on the actions and reactions of other drivers. Motor vehicle accidents happen every day throughout the nation. While you obviously hope to reach your destination safely each time you venture out, it's also good to know where to turn for help if a negligent driver causes you injury.

Let's say you're driving to work and come to a busy intersection. As you enter the intersection on a green light, another car comes barreling through a red light in front of you and smashes into your car. The next thing you know, you're waking up in a hospital bed, hours later.

Don't mistake Wisconsin as a marijuana-friendly state

Many people are anxiously awaiting new additions to the list of states that are decriminalizing marijuana. Wisconsin is not one of the states that has done this yet. In fact, this state still has some fairly harsh penalties when it comes to marijuana-related charges.

Wisconsin still views marijuana as a Schedule I drug, which is how the substance is viewed by the federal law. This is one reason why the laws against it are so harsh. You face incarceration and fines on all convictions related to marijuana. Here are some of the penalties.

Right-of-way often central factor in motor vehicle accidents

Who knows whether a Wisconsin driver's age had anything to do with a recent collision. What does appear to have been a factor is the driver's apparent failure to yield to another vehicle at the appropriate time. The vehicle, occupied by a 70-year-old driver and two passengers, collided with a deputy's squad car. Motor vehicle accidents involving failure to yield often result in serious injuries or death; this one resulted in both.

The accident occurred at approximately 8 a.m. on a recent Friday. The driver believed responsible was reportedly at a stop sign, headed south, moments before the accident took place. A 26-year veteran of the local police department was headed west through the intersection when the first vehicle smashed into her vehicle. Officials say the squad car had the right of way.

FBI searching for suspect following alleged violent crimes

A Wisconsin drag racing festival ended up being a chaotic scene that has resulted in a massive FBI search. Three violent crimes supposedly took place when an unnamed person showed up at the festival and started shooting people. Authorities believe the people shot were directly targeted by the gunman.

They also said the three shooting victims are known as gang affiliates in the area. None of the three survived in the incident. The person said to have fired the gun reportedly fled the scene in a black motor vehicle. Police say there were many witnesses to the shootings and that the search is on to locate the person who may have been responsible for the deaths.

Drug crimes added to list of charges in traffic stop

On a recent Thursday, just after, a man was pulled over by police on a Wisconsin road. The officer asserts that the man was traveling at an excessive rate of speed. As events unfolded, the man's situation became more problematic as he wound up facing charges for drug crimes in addition to incurring a speeding ticket.

There were apparently two occupants in the vehicle when the officer approached and said he smelled a strong odor of marijuana. The police officer arrested the 28-year-old man after claiming to have found a substantial amount of marijuana in his vehicle. There were also reportedly 9 grams of cocaine, a large amount of cash and a semiautomatic firearm in the car.

How do I fight back if I was illegally searched by police?

Milwaukee is a diverse city with a history and stigma of law enforcement treating certain populations with tactics that are questionable at best. Depending on your racial and economic background, you may find yourself facing very unfair charges, especially when it comes to drug charges.

In recent years, many people have found compelling arguments that the War on Drugs does not treat all suspects equally, and regularly serves as the justification to mistreat certain populations, especially underprivileged people of color. While there are certainly cities with more severe conflicts between law enforcement and economically disadvantaged communities, Milwaukee has more than its fair share of unfair practices in law enforcement.

How can property owners prevent slip and fall accidents?

Wisconsin property owners are not free of obligation regarding those who visit their premises. Each person who owns property must keep the grounds as safe as possible for guests. There are several types of situations that may create liability if this obligation is not fulfilled and slip and fall accidents occur.

If a property owner is aware that the carpet in a particular residence is in need of replacement due to torn edges, bulges or other physical defects that pose a safety risk but fails to remove the hazardous carpeting and also fails to warn those who walk on it of potential danger, then that person may be held legally accountable if someone trips and falls. Even if a floor has no carpet, an issue such as excessive floor wax may also place guests in harm's way and may be grounds for owner liability as well. Property owners can post signs, secure certain areas to remove access or verbally inform guests that a specific hazard is present to lower the risk of visitor injuries.

What about motor vehicle accidents when cars hit houses?

There's usually little to no way of telling when a Wisconsin car accident might occur. While there may be signs that signal high risks for motor vehicle accidents, such as cars weaving in their lanes or drivers operating vehicles at excessive speeds, one just never knows when an actual collision may take place. In fact, people could be sitting at home, completely unsuspecting, and have a car suddenly crash right through their house.

A similar incident occurred just shy of 7 p.m. on a recent Monday. An investigation was launched immediately following the crash that included full shutdown of the road where it took place so investigators could conduct a re-enactment of the accident to gather details as to what or who may have caused it. This type of post-accident practice is not uncommon, especially when extenuating circumstances exist, such as serious personal injuries or significant property damage.

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