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Two people in Wisconsin facing serious charges for drug crimes

A recent Monday morning was anything but peaceful for a man and woman who live together in Wisconsin. At approximately 10 a.m., police came to their home and began searching for drugs. They brought along a K-9 unit to help them. The incident resulted in both adults facing charges for drug crimes.

Authorities didn't say where they got their information that the two residents were selling crystal methamphetamine, only that they had reason to believe they were. Once they made their way through the home, they claim to have seized methamphetamine and marijuana, as well as another powdery substance they believe might be an illegal drug. Authorities also say they grabbed several digital scales, cell phones, drug paraphernalia and cash from the residence.

WisDOT: May 2017 was second safest on record post-WWII

As we've made clear in recent posts, we are entering an especially dangerous time of the year in terms of motor vehicle accidents, as there are simply more people on the road at all hours of the day owing to everything from vacations and spring break to favorable weather conditions.

Given this reality, one would expect that any fatality figures from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation for the month of May -- which also includes both graduation season and Memorial Day weekend -- could be particularly discouraging. However, the most recent data suggests that we might be on our way to a safer summer driving season.

How Your Miranda Rights Protect You

Today marks the 51st anniversary of the landmark Supreme Court decision, Miranda v. Arizona. 384 U.S. 436 (1966). This case is significant because it recognizes the duty of law enforcement officers to inform a person of their 5th Amendment rights. As a result of this case, Miranda warnings, as they have become known, are now a key component in protecting your 5th Amendment rights to remain silent and be represented by an attorney during questioning.

Gun violence: When using a gun is legal

Gun violence is some of the most dangerous because of the weapons being used. A single shot has the potential to kill, putting others' lives at risk. Normally, there is no good reason to use a weapon against another person.

In your case, you were at home when someone broke in. You felt threatened, and you used your weapon to defend yourself. Was it legal to use lethal force?

How parents can keep their teen drivers safe during the '100 deadliest days'

While the phrase "100 deadliest days" might conjure up images of some type of horror movie or science fiction novel, it actually references a very real and very disturbing phenomenon.

Indeed, the 100 deadliest days references the timeframe running from Memorial Day through Labor Day, a period that typically sees the average number of fatal car accidents involving teens jump by an astounding 15 percent when compared with the rest of the year.

Lawmakers introduce bills to combat human trafficking

Over the last decade, law enforcement agencies across the nation have been cracking down on human trafficking, launching more investigations, making more arrests, prosecuting more cases and sending more people to prison.

This has been the case here in Wisconsin, which Attorney General Brad Schimel has indicated still faces something of an uphill battle. Indeed, the Milwaukee metropolitan area has recently earned a reputation as being a major hub for this type of criminal activity.   

Heads up and hands free: What to know about navigating work zones

The American Automobile Association, more commonly known as AAA, is projecting that the upcoming Memorial Day weekend will see roughly 34.6 million people drive 50 miles or more, marking the highest number of holiday drivers since 2005. Here in Wisconsin, the group is estimating that close to 694,000 people -- or 90 percent of all travelers -- will be going by car, truck or SUV.

What this means is that anyone making plans will need to give themselves some leeway when it comes to time, as there is a very good possibility that traffic will be heavy from sunup to sundown. Compounding this problem is the fact that there will more than likely be lengthy stretches of road construction.

Fight drug charges to protect your freedom and future

These days, it is more important than ever to use every tool at your disposal to protect your rights. Here in Milwaukee and throughout the country, law enforcement do not always use the most ethical or reasonable methods when arresting and charging individuals with crimes, especially when it comes to drug charges.

If you recently received drug charges, you need to do everything you can to fight them. If you know others who also received drug charges and possibly even convictions, then you know that the punishments rarely fit the crime — if there was a crime at all.

Why you can't afford to dismiss battery charges -- III

In a series of posts, our blog has been exploring how those involved in any manner of physical altercation here in Wisconsin may face consequences far more serious than they anticipated owing to the state's stringent battery laws.

Indeed, last time, we discussed how felony-level charges can be brought when battery results in substantial bodily harm or great bodily harm, or is perpetrated against certain classes of people. We'll conclude this examination in today's post.

Police searches and dog sniffs in drug crime investigations

Members of law enforcement have relied on the superior sense of smell that dogs possess to look for evidence of a potential crime. Dogs are frequently seen sitting along the line of people waiting to get checked in at major airports. The animals are likely trained to detect odors related to various forms of contraband, such as drugs, gun powder or other bomb-making materials. Outside of the airport, the rules for when a dog may be used to search for evidence vary greatly.

In drug cases, the issue of search and seizure Is always a vital concern for aggressive criminal defense lawyers.  Each case has its own set of facts, and seemingly small nuances in police conduct, the location of an alleged search and the reasonableness of the suspicion (if any) that police claim exists at the time of a search serves as the battleground for better defining the law and protecting the rights of all Americans.

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