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You can keep fighting drug charges even in the courtroom

Despite the fact that Wisconsin maintains legal exceptions for medical marijuana, the laws here are still firmly against buying, cultivating, selling and consuming the drug without special permission. While some states may take a more aggressive approach to prosecuting drug crimes, drug charges remain a serious issue for thousands of individuals throughout the country each year.

Don't mistake Wisconsin as a marijuana-friendly state

Many people are anxiously awaiting new additions to the list of states that are decriminalizing marijuana. Wisconsin is not one of the states that has done this yet. In fact, this state still has some fairly harsh penalties when it comes to marijuana-related charges.

How do I fight back if I was illegally searched by police?

Milwaukee is a diverse city with a history and stigma of law enforcement treating certain populations with tactics that are questionable at best. Depending on your racial and economic background, you may find yourself facing very unfair charges, especially when it comes to drug charges.

The difference between assault and battery charges in Wisconsin

Aggravated battery is a criminal charge that has to be fought head-on. You can't think that you can just throw together a defense at the last minute because trying to do this can backfire on you. In these cases, you have to look at the case that the prosecution is going to present so that you can fire back against the accusations.

Did you receive assault charges while defending yourself?

Any time that violence breaks out, there is the possibility of assault charges. Of course, the reality of the matter is that assault charges are often completely unfair and do not address how the altercation at the center of the charges came about.

Catastrophic injuries require professional guidance and care

Any time that a person suffers a legitimate injury, he or she should consider whether or not the situation warrants filing a personal injury claim. The reasoning is simple — the cost of medical care is prohibitive for just about everyone, and if a person is injured, he or she should not have to shoulder the burden of paying to recover on top of focusing on their recovery.

Can drug charges affect my custody privileges?

Receiving drug possession charges can wreak havoc on your life in many ways, so it is always wise to use every tool you have to fight the charges. Here in Milwaukee, law enforcement takes drug possession very seriously, so even a relatively small charge can still carry heavy, life altering consequences.

Gun violence: When using a gun is legal

Gun violence is some of the most dangerous because of the weapons being used. A single shot has the potential to kill, putting others' lives at risk. Normally, there is no good reason to use a weapon against another person.

Fight drug charges to protect your freedom and future

These days, it is more important than ever to use every tool at your disposal to protect your rights. Here in Milwaukee and throughout the country, law enforcement do not always use the most ethical or reasonable methods when arresting and charging individuals with crimes, especially when it comes to drug charges.

Police searches and dog sniffs in drug crime investigations

Members of law enforcement have relied on the superior sense of smell that dogs possess to look for evidence of a potential crime. Dogs are frequently seen sitting along the line of people waiting to get checked in at major airports. The animals are likely trained to detect odors related to various forms of contraband, such as drugs, gun powder or other bomb-making materials. Outside of the airport, the rules for when a dog may be used to search for evidence vary greatly.

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