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Gun violence: When using a gun is legal

Gun violence is some of the most dangerous because of the weapons being used. A single shot has the potential to kill, putting others' lives at risk. Normally, there is no good reason to use a weapon against another person.

Fight drug charges to protect your freedom and future

These days, it is more important than ever to use every tool at your disposal to protect your rights. Here in Milwaukee and throughout the country, law enforcement do not always use the most ethical or reasonable methods when arresting and charging individuals with crimes, especially when it comes to drug charges.

Police searches and dog sniffs in drug crime investigations

Members of law enforcement have relied on the superior sense of smell that dogs possess to look for evidence of a potential crime. Dogs are frequently seen sitting along the line of people waiting to get checked in at major airports. The animals are likely trained to detect odors related to various forms of contraband, such as drugs, gun powder or other bomb-making materials. Outside of the airport, the rules for when a dog may be used to search for evidence vary greatly.

Police: Man calls 911 to help recover stolen heroin

News reports and especially social media seem to love to report stories involving strange antics related to alleged criminal activity. The idea of a bank robber leaving his or her wallet with a driver’s license or other form of ID inside with a teller is the kind of story that may earn a “dumbest criminal of the week” headline.

Junk science in the criminal system

If you watch the legal dramas on television, then it's likely you've seen your favorite legal team win again and again with evidence that involved forensic science. Forensic scientists take the evidence gathered at a crime scene by investigators and proceed with a chemical and physical analysis of that evidence. To determine the class and individual characteristics of the evidence, scientists use scientific and mathematical principles and complex instruments. Scientists then often provide scientific facts (or what is perceived to be) during testimony of a civil or criminal case.

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