I've Been in an Accident. What Do I Do?

If you are in an accident — whether a car crash, slip-and-fall accident, dog attack or any other type of accident — the immediate aftermath can be a confusing, worrying time. Immediately you will likely think about medical bills, recovery time and your ability to get back to work. Knowing where to turn for help is essential.

At The Law Offices of Robert A. Levine in Milwaukee, our lawyers bring to the table three generations of personal injury trial success. They can be your trusted, steadfast advocate during this crucial time, when every decision you make could have an impact on your ability to receive the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

What You Need to Do

Of course, one of the most important things you should do if you are in an accident is reach out to experienced attorneys like ours. They can get to work building a strong claim on your behalf that takes into account all of your financial losses from medical bills, inability to work, and pain and suffering.

As soon as possible, however, you should also:

  • Seek medical attention: A doctor can document all of your injuries and provide evidence that links the accident to any ongoing suffering. If you do not seek medical attention, you may be unable to prove the liable party's negligence.
  • Document evidence: If you slip and fall on spilled liquid, it is important to take a picture of the spill before the store has a chance to clean it up. If you see a problem with a truck that struck your car, document it before the trucking company has a chance to fix it.
  • Identify potential witnesses: Taking this step will make it easier for our lawyers and investigators to track them down and speak with them about what happened.

What You Should Not Do

After your accident, you may receive a call or visit from an insurance adjuster representing the liable party. You should never speak to an insurance adjuster before talking to an attorney. Our personal injury attorneys can handle this difficult work on your behalf, letting them know you intend to pursue the compensation you deserve instead of a quick settlement that does not adequately address your losses.

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