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Woman to be extradited also charged with drug crimes

A recent Tuesday didn't go so well for a woman in Wisconsin. Several law enforcement officers showed up at her residence, and from there, everything went downhill. The woman is now facing charges for drug crimes, but her problems don't end there.

Police seem to think drug crimes run in this family

Wisconsin police have put the same brothers in jail a couple times now. The incidents are supposedly related to drug crimes. As in all possible drug crime situations, police must adhere to strict protocol when it comes to searching a person's residence, vehicle or body.

Did you receive assault charges while defending yourself?

Any time that violence breaks out, there is the possibility of assault charges. Of course, the reality of the matter is that assault charges are often completely unfair and do not address how the altercation at the center of the charges came about.

Attempts to avert motor vehicle accidents not always successful

In the wee hours of the morning, two vehicles were traveling a particular highway in Wisconsin. At some point, it seems to have appeared to one of the drivers that there might be a crash. That person, a 27-year-old man, tried to maneuver his vehicle into the passing lane to avert a possible accident. His attempt proved unsuccessful when the two vehicles collided. Motor vehicle accidents of this nature often result in fatalities, as this one did.

Catastrophic injuries require professional guidance and care

Any time that a person suffers a legitimate injury, he or she should consider whether or not the situation warrants filing a personal injury claim. The reasoning is simple — the cost of medical care is prohibitive for just about everyone, and if a person is injured, he or she should not have to shoulder the burden of paying to recover on top of focusing on their recovery.

Motor vehicle accidents can change lives in an instant

Many people in Wisconsin spend Sundays attending church services, gathering with family and friends or otherwise relaxing as the weekend winds down. When unexpected situations occur, it can throw off Sunday plans, especially if a loved one has suffered some type of harm. Motor vehicle accidents often bring weekend fun to an abrupt halt, as was the case for two people who were injured in a recent crash.

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