Attempts to Avert Motor Vehicle Accidents Not Always Successful

In the wee hours of the morning, two vehicles were traveling a particular highway in Wisconsin. At some point, it seems to have appeared to one of the drivers that there might be a crash. That person, a 27-year-old man, tried to maneuver his vehicle into the passing lane to avert a possible accident. His attempt proved unsuccessful when the two vehicles collided. Motor vehicle accidents of this nature often result in fatalities, as this one did.

The man was not injured in the crash. However, there happened to be a 43-year-old woman riding as a passenger in his pickup truck when the two vehicles collided. The pickup truck the man was driving was pulling an enclosed trailer that contained a race car. The other vehicle had a box trailer. Upon impact, the woman was completely ejected from the pickup truck.

Sadly, she was pronounced dead on the scene. The other driver was able to escape the incident without bodily injury. A crash investigation team continues to focus on learning more details about the fatal crash.

Motor vehicle accidents that result in passenger deaths often lead to litigation. In these circumstances, immediate family members are allowed to file claims on behalf of a deceased loved one to seek compensation for damages. When wrongful death claims are successfully litigated, Wisconsin families often use the money they receive to cover medical expenses for any care rendered before death, as well as funeral expenses and other monetary damages related to their loved ones’ deaths.

Source:, “One person dead in Highway 151 crash in Dodge County”, Terri Pederson, Accessed on July 11, 2017


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