Motor Vehicle Accidents Can Change Lives in an Instant

Many people in Wisconsin spend Sundays attending church services, gathering with family and friends or otherwise relaxing as the weekend winds down. When unexpected situations occur, it can throw off Sunday plans, especially if a loved one has suffered some type of harm. Motor vehicle accidents often bring weekend fun to an abrupt halt, as was the case for two people who were injured in a recent crash.

It was not quite an hour after midnight when the accident occurred. County deputies responded to a call regarding a collision involving a car and motorcycle on State Highway 11. A 33-year-old woman was reportedly behind the wheel of the car when she veered over the centerline of traffic and smashed into the motorcycle.

The motorcyclist was a 26-year-old man from another state. The impact of the collision was so severe that he was ejected from his seat. The car wound up in a nearby ditch. The motorcyclist was seriously injured and was first transported to a local hospital, but was later flown to another medical facility for more specialized care. The woman driving the car was also injured in the accident and taken to a hospital for treatment.

State Highway 11 was shut down for more than five hours after the crash. Motor vehicle accidents often continue to impact people’s lives for weeks and months to come, once recovery has begun. Many people have to get new vehicles; some also lose pay at work if they’re unable to return to their duties right away. A Wisconsin personal injury attorney can assist a recovering victim in many ways, including helping to seek recovery for losses against the party or parties deemed responsible for his or her injuries.

Source:, “Two people injured one seriously, after car vs motorcycle crash in Green County“, July 2, 2017


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