Police Seem to Think Drug Crimes Run in This Family

Wisconsin police have put the same brothers in jail a couple of times now. The incidents are supposedly related to drug crimes. As in all possible drug crime situations, police must adhere to strict protocol when it comes to searching a person’s residence, vehicle or body.

In this particular situation, officers say they executed a warrant at the home of a 47-year-old man and his two brothers in June. Another man, age 55, is said to have been living in the same residence with the defendants. Inside the house, police claim they seized a bag with a loaded syringe that was labeled with the name of a drug used to counteract heroin overdose.

They also say they found a slew of items they believe were stolen. The brothers were taken into police custody and questioned. The men were released on signature bonds before charges were filed against them. In early July, two of the brothers were pulled over in a traffic stop; they’re now back in jail with bonds set that total $15,000 between them. Officers say they found heroin in their car and in the sock of one of the brothers.

Being charged with drug crimes in Wisconsin is definitely no laughing matter. Especially where hard drugs like heroin and cocaine are concerned, penalties under conviction tend to be quite severe. However, if a defense attorney gathers information during an investigation that suggests police may not have acted appropriately when conducting search and seizure processes, a challenge to proffered evidence may be filed in court as part of a strong defense strategy.

Source: waupacanow.com, “Heroin, cocaine seized in police raid“, July 12, 2017


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