Authorities Accuse More Than 10 of Drug Crimes in Wisconsin

The lives of 12 people in Wisconsin have taken a turn in a direction they might not have foreseen. The situation involves law enforcement investigators, alleged drug crimes and a recent incident that led to their arrest. The futures of each person will now be determined through the criminal adjudication process.

A state official said heroin and other heavy narcotic drugs are responsible for many problems in the area. He lauded the recent arrests as a major victory for law enforcement and said he’s confident the supposed drug bust will benefit the community. The investigation itself was a combined effort between federal and local drug task force units.

Investigators focused their efforts in the southeastern region of the state. Officials also say that drugs were not the only object of their attention. Authorities were also looking into reported money laundering crimes.

The 12 people who were arrested for drug crimes and illegal financial activities will each have an opportunity to present as strong a defense as possible in court. Although they may have been arrested regarding the same situation, there is no telling what every outcome will be as no two cases are processed exactly the same. Various factors may impact their abilities to avoid conviction or at least lessen the severity of their situations. Most Wisconsin residents who might face similar circumstances would choose to seek immediate assistance from experienced criminal defense attorneys who can aggressively protect their rights and counteract any tactics or strategies employed by prosecutors in their quests to secure convictions.

Source:, “Major drug bust leads to arrest of 12“, Sept. 27, 2017


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