Police search Wisconsin home, charges for drug crimes follow

Police say they received a report about someone yelling at a particular Wisconsin residence on a recent Tuesday. Authorities also claim they were informed of suspected illegal drug activity at the same location. A police officer says he saw a woman that he knew had used drugs in the past and followed her to the home to investigate possible drug crimes.

The police officer later said he was approaching the woman to speak with her as she made her way to the door of the home in question. Supposedly, as he did so, a bunch of people started coming out of the home and fleeing the area, some on bicycles and others on foot. The officer said one man dropped various drug paraphernalia items, as well as methamphetamine and marijuana as he attempted to ride away on a bicycle; the officer stopped and detained the man.

Several other incidents followed during the next two weeks, including an alleged informant telling police that he had purchased drugs from two people at the house, and that one of the men had held a gun to another person's head. Police wound up returning to the residence for a search. During the process, an officer seized one person's cell phone and said a text message came across the screen that appeared to be an inquiry about a potential drug sale.

Officers say they found illegal drugs inside the cell phone owner's sock. All told, after searching the premises, police made five arrests. Maintaining a residence for drug trafficking, felony possession of a firearm and methamphetamine possession with intent to deliver are some of the charges that were filed. Wisconsin residents facing similar charges for drug crimes may want to retain aggressive criminal defense help before heading to court.

Source: USA Today, "Five Wausau residents charged in court after drugs, guns seized", Karen Madden, Oct. 26, 2017

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