Police Say Violent Crimes Don’t Happen Often in This Region

A man who was apparently on his way to visit relatives now sits behind bars in a Wisconsin jail. The man has been in trouble with the law in the past. A most recent incident resulted in accusations against him for allegedly committing violent crimes against two other men.

The other men happened to be brothers. They, and the defendant, were reportedly in the same local bar establishment when a disagreement broke out among the three. At some point, the altercation spilled out into the parking lot.

An investigation remains ongoing at this time. However, police were called to the scene at approximately 2 a.m. where they found one of the brothers lying in the parking lot, dead. He is said to have been shot several times with a gun. The deceased man’s brother also suffered gunshot wounds and was transported to a nearby hospital; he did not survive his injuries.

The authorities say that the man who is now in jail committed both violent crimes. A police officer said the neighborhood is usually quite safe and this is the first apparently intentional shooting that has taken place there since the 1980s. The accused man will have the chance to contest the charges in court. Most Wisconsin residents who are accused of violent crimes understand the need to rely upon experienced legal representation. An experienced defense attorney knows how to find weak spots in the prosecution’s case and can challenge any evidence in court that may have been gathered in violation of a defendant’s rights.

Source: kenoshanews.com, “Twin Lakes murder victims identified“, Nov. 25, 2017


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