Several Violent Crimes Cases Soon to Be Heard in Wisconsin Courts

It appears that the Wisconsin criminal justice system will have a busy court schedule in 2018. At least five cases involving allegations of violent crimes are slated to be tried in this state in the coming year. One of those involves a man who is currently incarcerated for another matter.

The 64-year-old now sits behind bars following sentencing for drug crimes. Previously, however, he was charged with first-degree murder for the killing of a young woman who went missing on her way to a work seminar in 1990. More than two decades later, he was charged with her death, although a judge declared a mistrial in the case in 2016.

Prosecutors have scheduled a retrial, come February. Another man, age 39, has also been charged with murder in an unrelated case. However, the defendant denies the murder. The situation involves a young woman who was found dead in a farm field; as the murder charge heads to trial, defense attorneys say they plan to pursue a theory that the victim’s boyfriend at the time (who was originally arrested) is the one responsible for her death.

These are just two of the many violent crimes trials that will be taking place in Wisconsin in the new year. As in all situations involving criminal charges, every defendant will have the opportunity to present as strong a defense as possible in an effort to avoid conviction. The chances of doing so are typically increased for those who hire criminal defense attorneys to protect their interests in court.

Source:, “5 compelling Wisconsin homicide trials to keep an eye on in 2018“, Andy Thompson, Dec. 26, 2017


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