Wisconsin man accused of violent crimes against his own wife

When a motor vehicle accident occurs in Wisconsin or elsewhere, there is often an extensive investigation launched in its aftermath if authorities question any details given by those involved. One man, who told officials he and his wife had been traveling along when a lead pipe flew off another vehicle, crashed through his windshield and struck his wife's head, is now facing charges for violent crimes against his wife because authorities did not believe his story. His wife did not survive the alleged collision the man claims they were in involved in on the roadway.

The man happens to be a windshield repairer for a living. He explained to investigators that the scratches he had on his neck, chest and hands are very typical injuries in his line of work because he works with glass all the time and often gets scraped. Investigators say they do not think the lead pipe crashed through his window and killed his wife but that he himself struck her with the pipe then tried to make it look like the accident he described had occurred.

The man stands by his version of the story. A medical examiner and other investigating officials say the woman's injuries and the state of the vehicle following the alleged crash do not coincide with the description the man has given. They also say that the woman's body shows signs of physical struggle prior to her death.

Anyone accused of violent crimes in Wisconsin or elsewhere in the United States has the right to present a strong defense, particularly when one's freedom is on the line as in this man's case. An experienced defense attorney is a valuable resource in such circumstances. Anyone facing criminal charges can request immediate legal representation before participating in police interrogation or otherwise navigating the criminal justice process.

Source: glassbytes.com, "Wisconsin Windshield Repairer on Trial for the Murder of His Wife", Katherine Coig, Dec. 7, 2017

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