Man Convicted of Violent Crimes Attacked at Sentencing Hearing

In 2015, a man in Wisconsin was murdered. The man accused of the violent crimes reportedly went into hiding but was later apprehended by police. He then sought a speedy trial, as was his right, and was released on a signature bond after the court did not comply with his request for a speedy trial within 90 days.

The trial eventually began, but after four days of sessions, the man allegedly went on the run again. This did not halt the adjudication process, however. Ultimately, after the man was found and taken back into custody, the court handed down a conviction, and a sentencing hearing was scheduled.

During a sentencing hearing, both the prosecution and defense are able to make statements and present evidence that may impact the type of sentence the court imposes. A defense attorney does all that is possible to help mitigate the circumstances. As in this case, family members of a victim are often permitted to speak to the court as well.

In a shocking turn of events in this situation, when the sister of the victim began to address the court, she is said to have leaped out of her chair and attacked the defendant. The woman’s unexpected actions interrupted the proceedings, which will now be continued at a future date. This Wisconsin violent crime case shows that one can never assume nor predict what is going to happen in a courtroom. However, an experienced defense attorney can help a defendant secure as positive an outcome as possible.

Source:, “Convicted murderer attacked by victim’s sister during sentencing hearing in Wisconsin“, Shaun Gallagher, Jan. 5, 2018


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