Police make arrests on suspicion of drug crimes in Wisconsin

It's often impossible to predict when life is going to take a sudden turn and one's personal circumstances are going to be impacted by a particular change in events. Several people in Wisconsin can likely relate to such matters because a recent Thursday morning landed them all in jail. Chances are, their day may have started much like any other, but things sure changed when police showed up at their door and later accused them of drug crimes.

It was approximately 8:15 a.m. when investigators from a county sheriff's department conducted a search at a private residence. A man, age 45, and a woman in her mid-30s wound up being taken into police custody along with another person who was later released. Prosecutors filed multiple charges against those arrested.

The defendants are accused of possessing methamphetamine. Methamphetamine is a synthetic drug that is primarily used illegally but may also be made available by prescription to treat high blood pressure or conditions such as narcolepsy. Charges against them also include accusations that they were maintaining a drug trafficking location.

When someone's day goes from uneventful to being put behind bars and charged with drug crimes, things tend to get a whole lot worse before they get better. Anyone facing similar circumstances in Wisconsin can reach out for support by requesting experienced legal representation. This is often a key factor in avoiding conviction and mitigating possible long-term consequences of a drug-related arrest. An attorney can also review details regarding search and arrest to determine if any personal rights were violated in the process.

Source: weau.com, "Three taken into custody after Buffalo County drug bust", Lindsay Alowairdi, Dec. 29, 2017

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