16 in Wisconsin recently arrested for drug crimes

An onslaught of warrants reportedly served by police in Wisconsin has led to the arrests of 16 people. The ages of those arrested on suspicion of drug crimes range from 18 to 52. The police action unfolded over a 10-day period.

A drug task force unit is said to have issued six different warrants at various times during the investigation. Overall, investigators went to five different residences and one business establishment to conduct their searches. Authorities say they seized a substantial amount of evidence that will likely be presented in court by prosecutors attempting to obtain convictions against those arrested.

Among the illegal drugs police say they found during their searches was cocaine, marijuana and ecstasy. They also claim to have seized various drug paraphernalia and other items commonly associated with illegal drug distribution. Not all the defendants are charged with the same crimes. Some are charged with possession or delivery, while others are facing charges regarding supposed intentions to distribute illegal drugs.

 A criminal charge does not constitute guilt. As in any situation in Wisconsin where a resident is formally charged with drug crimes, each of the 16 defendants in this particular case is guaranteed an opportunity to present as strong a defense as possible in the hope of avoiding conviction. Most defendants rely on experienced criminal defense attorneys to help protect their rights and seek the most positive outcomes possible in their individual situations. A person can request legal representation as soon as he or she becomes subject in a police investigation.

Source: fox6now.com, "Walworth County Drug Unit arrests 16, recovers cocaine and marijuana in drug bust", Feb. 23, 2018

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