Jury Trial Ends in Wisconsin Man’s Conviction for Violent Crimes

Another trial has come to a close in Wisconsin. This one involved a man who had been accused of violent crimes, including felony murder. The situation stemmed from an incident that occurred at a motorcycle shop in 2015.

The defendant was said to have taken hostages, then instigated a standoff with police. Prosecutors told jurors that at some point during the supposed hostage situation, the man in question shot a firearm at police. No details were provided regarding how the incident first became a hostage situation.

The incident reportedly ended in another person’s death. The defendant was charged with many offenses. The jury deliberated for at least two hours on a recent Friday. Unfortunately for the defendant, the jurors found him guilty on 16 charges.

The felony murder charge was filed when prosecutors blamed the defendant for the events that resulted in the other man’s death. Jurors apparently agreed with that assessment. A defense attorney’s top priority is to help a client avoid conviction, but in situations where this is not possible, there is still much an experienced attorney can do to help a defendant mitigate the circumstances.

For instance, a Wisconsin attorney can try to convince the court to hand down a lighter sentence in connection with violent crimes. An attorney may also file an appeal if evidence exists that a jury was wrongfully influenced in its decision or some other factual or legal error occurred in the adjudication process. An attorney can also remain available in case any legal problems arise while a defendant fulfills a sentence.

Source: weau.com, “Wisconsin man convicted of felony murder“, March 10, 2018


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