Alleged violent crimes can stem from domestic relationship

Wisconsin authorities contend daily with incidents of domestic violence. These events sometimes manifest as public incidents. For example, the Sturtevant Police recently arrested a 24-year-old woman for violent crimes in connection with a domestic relationship that played out in and around a public movie theater. It started when the theater manager called police to report that two women were arguing in the theater's parking lot.

The police went to the Marcus Cinema to investigate the report. When they arrived, they found a woman sitting on the sidewalk and crying. The manager told police that the woman was the victim in the altercation. The manager claimed that the two women were originally inside but apparently left the theater through emergency exit doors, which alerted him to the incident.

The manager reportedly told police that he went to investigate and observed the suspect yelling at the victim and throwing her to the ground. The victim allegedly told police that she and the other woman were in a relationship. She reportedly stated that the argument started inside the theater and that, when she went out to get some air, the suspect followed her out.

When police arrived, the suspect had allegedly gone back into the theater. They say that they confronted her inside and told her that she was a suspect in a battery. The police then told her she was under arrest for domestic battery and disorderly conduct. They allege that she resisted their attempts to arrest her, and therefore they added resisting arrest and related violent crimes to the charges.

The domestic battery charge is based on the allegation that the couple have a domestic relationship, as that is defined under Wisconsin law. While that charge may be subject to dismissal if the victim refuses to testify against the suspect, in this case, the police may proceed with the testimony of the eyewitness, i.e., the theater manager. Defense counsel will look for a way to negotiate these alleged violent crimes as an unfortunate domestic outburst, pleading for a break for the defendant. The outcome will depend on the suspect's prior history and indications of her long-term violent tendencies.

Source:, "Woman arrested in battery incident at movie theater", Alyssa Mauk, April 19, 2018

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