How New Technology Can Help Your Teen Drive Safe

You remember the day your child first crawled. You also can recall when they took their first steps. From there, you taught them how to conquer the stairs, ride a bike and even held their hand as they gave skates a try. Now your child is transforming into a young adult. They are learning to drive and will be ready to get their license soon.

While you are proud of this achievement, and will enjoy not having to shuffle them to every practice and activity, you have your concerns. Car accidents happen all the time. You want to give your child the best advantages possible to help them avoid being involved in a crash. You’ve heard about the hazards of technology, but it could also be on your side.

Cars equipped with technology

Car companies have been updating cars with technology each year. Some of these upgrades include safety features. If you are planning on buying a car for your teen, you may want to look into these options. If your car has these features, make sure that your child understands how to use them.

Some safe technology features in cars include:

  • Backup sensors and cameras
  • Automatic braking
  • Parking assist
  • Restrictive driving mode settings

Phone technology for drivers

The first rule you have for your teen will probably be not to text and drive. With distracted driving an issue, this is a good rule. However, there are some smartphone apps out there that encourage safe driving.

These apps have safety features that can:

  • Notify emergency contacts if something happens
  • Send messages to parents about unsafe driving habits
  • Block calls and text messages
  • Allow touch-free read and response options
  • Track road conditions
  • Share driver location and routes traveled

Before you let your teenager loose on the streets of Milwaukee, look into these technology options in order to enhance their safety and secure your peace of mind.


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