Police Chief Says He Is Cracking Down on Drug Crimes in Wisconsin

Law enforcement officers are busier on some days than others. For a group of officials in Wisconsin, a recent Monday was especially busy, as officers in Milwaukee executed approximately 20 search warrants and 25 arrest warrants. The situation resulted in at least 17 people being arrested on suspicion of drug crimes.

Authorities say they expect to make more arrests as their investigations continue. Police say they seized more than 50 firearms, as well as $500,000 cash and an unspecified amount of heroin during their recent searches. When someone is charged with a drug crime, it is not enough for police to say they believe a particular substance is heroin or some other drug. Prosecutors must show the substance in court, along with test evidence to show it actually is the drug the arresting officers claimed it was.

A police chief who helped lead the recent drug investigation said the search warrants extended into the Greater Chicago area. The alleged heroin that was seized is reportedly worth hundreds of thousands of dollars on the street. The 17 individuals who were arrested were listed among 25 targeted suspects in the investigation.

Allegations of drug crimes are just that. From the moment of arrest until a case is fully adjudicated, a defendant may try to build as strong a defense as possible in the hope of avoiding conviction. An experienced Wisconsin criminal law attorney can be a major source of support in such situations. One of the first things an attorney can do is determine whether there are grounds for seeking a dismissal of the charges or to challenge certain evidence as inadmissible in court.


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