Man arrested for drug crimes in Wisconsin also wanted for murder

Wisconsin police often run background checks on people before arresting them. Doing so often leads to information regarding warrants for arrest, sometimes in the same state, other times elsewhere. This is what reportedly happened during a recent drug crimes arrest, where several people were taken into custody, one of whom is suspected of murder in another state.  

Police say they made the arrests on a recent Thursday. One of the people arrested was a 25-year-old man. It seems that authorities in another state have been looking for this particular man since June. They believe he was responsible for the deaths of three people and the injuries of a child who was present when the deaths took place.

The man in this case, as any who are similarly accused, will have the opportunity to fight the charges against him -- both the drug offenses he now faces in Wisconsin as well as the first-degree and attempted murder charges in Illinois. Most people in similar situations choose to rely on experienced and aggressive defense representation rather than try to go it alone in court. The Illinois murder investigation remains open at this time.  Police say there is no known motive.

Penalties under conviction for drug crimes in Wisconsin can be quite severe. It would definitely make things more stressful to be facing criminal charges in two separate states. Speaking with an experienced criminal defense attorney would be the first logical step to take to try to mitigate such circumstances and build as strong a defense as possible in both situations.

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