Attention Wisconsin residents: Drug crimes reportedly on the rise

Local officials recently gathered to discuss crime in Wisconsin, in particular, those that occur in Eau Claire. Seeing as data shows a 17 percent increase of drug crimes between 2016 and 2017, residents may be more at risk for legal problems if they find themselves in the wrong places at the wrong times. Since every arrest does not lead to conviction, it is also wise to learn where to seek support if a problem arises to obtain help in building a strong defense to try to preserve one's freedom.  

A local police chief who spoke at the recent meeting said the overall crime rate in Eau Claire has risen approximately 35 percent in the past five years. He said officials believe the rising crime rate is directly connected to an area substance-abuse problem. It was also noted that methamphetamine seems to be a particularly problematic issue regarding drug arrests in the area.  

Many say the criminal justice system needs to provide more forms of support for those trying to beat addictions by including alternate forms of sentencing that focus on rehabilitation rather than incarceration. It is also important for those facing criminal charges to know exactly what type of defense options are available. There are often strategies available to help counteract prosecutors' tactics that may be aggressively used to try to obtain convictions. 

Thousands of people in Wisconsin currently suffer from drug addiction, and many are currently doing their best to overcome their problems through various licensed programs throughout the state. Those who are facing charges related to alleged drug crimes can also tap into local support resources. There are support networks already in place that provide experienced legal representation to help defendants try to avoid conviction.  

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