Man charged with violent crimes may have mental health issues

Residents of a particular Wisconsin apartment complex say their neighborhood is usually quite safe. In fact, one man says he feels comfortable enough to leave his door unlocked. The city in which the apartment building stands was reportedly voted one of the safest in the state. However, despite this, charges of violent crimes were filed against a resident of the complex on a recent Friday evening.

The defendant is a 74-year-old man. His neighbors describe him as being typically quiet, offering passers-by an occasional hello. There have also been disorderly conduct complaints filed against him in the past, leaving police officials to question whether he might have a mental health disorder.

He is said to have entered a woman's apartment the evening the tragedy occurred. She was home with her teenage son and a grandson, age 4. Another man who also lives in the building says he heard gun shots ring out, so he ran out of his apartment to see what was going on. He says he saw the other man walking down the hall and that his greeting to the man was met with expletives.

Shortly after, the woman was found lying in her home with what appeared to be gun shot wounds. Responders took her to the hospital where she later died. A SWAT team is said to have talked the suspect into surrendering, and authorities claim the gun they believe was used to shoot the woman was found in the man's residence. Violent crimes are rare in this Wisconsin area, so many residents are anxious to hear what becomes of this case. Like most criminal defendants, the man will likely secure legal representation before being arraigned.

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