A woman and 2 men accused of drug crimes in Wisconsin

The United States criminal justice system presumes a person's innocence if he or she is charged with a criminal offense. There are often incidents in Wisconsin where more than one person is arrested and charged in connection with the same situation. In fact, this happened recently when two men and a woman were taken into police custody on suspicion of drug crimes.

The three were apparently at the same house when police made the arrests. Such arrests often take place after law enforcement officers arrive unannounced and with warrants. In this case, the three people arrested are suspected of committing crimes involving heroin. They were taken to a nearby county jail.

Two of the accused were charged with conspiracy to deliver heroin. Authorities say they believe the third person actually made a heroin delivery. As in any case regarding drug charges, each of these people is guaranteed an opportunity to present a defense in court.

An experienced Wisconsin criminal defense attorney can help any man or woman charged with drug crimes explore all options available to protect his or her personal rights and freedom. If an investigative search preceded an arrest, a defense attorney can review the events that took place to assess whether a client's personal rights were violated during the process. If so, a challenge against alleged evidence obtained during the search can be submitted to the court or a request can be filed for a case dismissal, if the situation warrants it. Such actions could result in a reduction or outright dismissal of the charges.

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