Motor Vehicle Accidents Involving Children, Especially Tragic

A Wisconsin community was shocked and overcome with grief, following a recent tragedy. The incident involved members of a local Girl Scout troop and an apparent reckless driver. Motor vehicle accidents often occur in areas where posted speed limits vary; in this case, the section of road where a fatal collision occurred ranges from 55 miles per hour to 35 miles per hour over a short span of roadway.

The scouts and an adult chaperone were providing service to their community by collecting trash from the side of the road. It was broad daylight, and the area where the girls were working was considered safe. Sadly, it wound up being the scene of a disastrous accident when a nearby driver suddenly came careening out of his traffic lane. The vehicle struck several girls and the chaperone.

Sadly, the adult volunteer and two of the girls were pronounced dead at the scene. Two other scouts were transported to an area hospital for emergency treatment of their injuries. One of the girls survived but was admitted to the hospital in critical condition. The other child later succumbed to her injuries.

Relatives and members of the community expressed their sorrow following the crash that ultimately took four lives. The man behind the wheel of the car at the time initially fled the scene; however, authorities reported that he later turned himself in. Wisconsin motor vehicle accidents that cause fatalities often lead to wrongful death litigation, especially when the driver is deemed to have been negligent.


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