Man Charged and Arrested for Drug Possession, High-Speed Chase

Drug crimes vary in severity, and they also vary by type. The kind of charges you face significantly influence the penalties that you could receive. As someone facing charges, it’s your right to look into ways of defending yourself. Not all charges are fair, but with support, you can make sure that you are not treated with a bias.

If you do get caught with drugs, it’s usually best to avoid doing anything that could make the situation worse. For instance, if you are speeding and lead the police on a chase, then you may face more charges than if they’d simply found the drugs you possessed in the first place.

A situation like that occurred when a 30-year-old man from Milwaukee was arrested for causing a high-speed chase following an initial arrest for drug possession. The man has been accused of possessing THC with the intent to deliver it, possessing cocaine, possessing paraphernalia and false imprisonment.

The police report states that the officers came to the site of a reported domestic disturbance at around 9:00 p.m. The man and woman at the center of the dispute were upstairs and didn’t respond to the officers knocking. The officers forced entry and took the man into custody. The woman with him claimed that he would not allow her to leave the home. He’d allegedly used verbal and physical force to prevent her from leaving.

The man was in possession of 22 baggies of drugs. Shortly after his arrest, he was out on bail. However, he didn’t appear in court, leading to felony bail jumping accusations. He then led police on a high-speed chase, which added to the already negative situation.

Drug crimes can lead to significant penalties, like those this man faces. If you’re facing charges, make sure you protect your rights.


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