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What are some ways to stay safer when driving in winter?

Winter months can lead to some serious traffic incidents when people aren't prepared to drive in unusual weather conditions. Unfortunately, this can lead to a loss of life or victims who suffer significant injuries that last a lifetime.

Wisconsin residents charged re drug crimes in presence of minors

Wisconsin police often make impromptu visits to people's homes if they suspect that residents have committed a crime or have information regarding someone else who is suspected of criminal activity. Such a visit took place just after midnight on a recent Friday, leading to the arrests of five people who are now facing charges for drug crimes. Authorities say there were minors present when the alleged illegal drug activity took place.

Racial disparities continue to impact black American communities

As a black person in America, you know that there are racial disparities in incarceration. You know that you could commit the same crime as a white person and may end up with a harsher penalty. This stems from the innate, sometimes subconscious racism that still affects Americans today.

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