Motor vehicle accidents: Wisconsin teen dies in secondary crash

Wisconsin highways are often laden with fast-moving traffic. All drivers are tasked with remaining alert behind the wheel and adhering to all state traffic regulations to try to keep themselves and their passengers safe. When motor vehicle accidents occur, those involved remain at risk for further injury while waiting for police and rescue workers to arrive.

tragedy occurred on a recent Wednesday when a 19-year-old female was riding as a passenger in a vehicle operated by a 22-year-old male. A sudden collision disabled the vehicle when it hit the back of a tanker on the roadway. The driver is said to have exited the vehicle while his passenger remained inside.

Before police arrived at the scene, another car slammed into the vehicle involved in the initial collision. This caused the disabled car to spin, reportedly hitting the young man who had exited the driver's seat. The forceful impact of the secondary collision sparked a massive explosion. Sadly, the passenger who had remained her in seat after the first crash did not survive the second accident.

Motor vehicle accidents like this can be legally complex. There are technically three drivers involved, yet two separate collisions. When a Wisconsin traveler is fatally injured in a crash, his or her immediate family members may have grounds for filing a wrongful death claim in civil court. As plaintiffs, they would be tasked with proving that someone other than the decedent was negligent in the incident and that such negligence caused their loved one's death. An experienced injury law attorney can provide guidance and support to those considering filing such claims.

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