Stolen Vehicle Speeds into Town and Causes Roll-over Crash

In a case in Milwaukee, speeding is what led to a roll-over accident. Police reported that a red Ford was traveling at a high speed at around 8:30 p.m. as it approached Hope Avenue. Another vehicle struck the Ford as it entered into oncoming traffic. The Ford went on to barely miss the squad car observing the incident before flipping. It then went on to strike another vehicle.

There were three people inside the Ford, and all were able to be removed safely after the incident. They received medical attention. The police then discovered that the vehicle was stolen, so the occupants, now suspects, were taken into custody.

Other people were also hurt in the collision and had to be taken to the local hospital. Fortunately, their injuries appeared to be nonlife-threatening at the time of the Mar. 13 report.

Crashes like this shouldn’t take place; there were many things that went wrong for the incident to happen. Regardless of the factors leading up to an accident, it is necessary for victims to be able to seek compensation and financial support from those who cause their injuries. Medical expenses can be high after a crash, especially if victims suffer severe injuries. In cases like this one, it’s essential to hold the reckless driver responsible for the damage they’ve caused.


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