Wisconsin judges often set high bonds in cases of violent crimes

In 2013, a Wisconsin woman was reported missing. To date, she has still not been found. Police suspect foul play, and the woman's husband is now sitting behind bars as the main suspect in his wife's disappearance and alleged death. The husband has been romantically involved with another woman since about a month after his wife's disappeared, and she has also been charged in the violent crimes case.

The judge overseeing the case has set a $2 million bond to release the missing woman's husband from jail. His girlfriend's bond is significantly less at $25,000. She is charged with perjury and obstructing a police officer. Police claim that the man admitted he killed his wife but then recanted his statement.

The judge has given prosecutors until May 22 to file their criminal complaints. When the woman first disappeared, it was her husband who notified local authorities. At some point, police obtained a search warrant and seized nearly 40 items from the couple's home, including computer hard drives and swabs of a substance they believe to be blood.

Most people in Wisconsin or other states who are charged with violent crimes request legal representation before they stand trial. When prosecutors are trying their best to convince the court that a defendant has committed murder, kidnapping or another serious crime, they often use aggressive tactics. An experienced criminal defense attorney knows how to employ various strategies to try to weaken the prosecution's case. Having an attorney by one's side can also make the trial process a lot less stressful.

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