Wisconsin Motor Vehicle Accidents Often Result in Fatal Injuries

It is often said that April showers bring May flowers. However, spring time storms also often place travelers at risk. Inclement weather plus slippery roadway conditions often equals motor vehicle accidents in Wisconsin and elsewhere. In such situations, driver negligence is often a causal factor.

A recent incident is still under investigation. Officials have so far said that two vehicles were involved. A collision occurred near an intersection just after 4:30 p.m. on a recent Wednesday. It appears that driver who was headed in a westbound direction may have lost control of his steering.

The man’s car veered into eastbound traffic where it collided with another vehicle. The driver of that vehicle was rushed to a nearby hospital. There were several occupants in the car that careened out of its lane. Two of them were taken to a hospital for treatment of their injuries. Sadly, however, another person traveling with them did not survive the crash.

The accident report states that the road was slippery and a storm was occurring when the collision took place. Wisconsin motor vehicle accidents that result in injury or death often lead to litigation when driver negligence was a causal factor in a particular incident. Travelers may reasonably expect that other drivers will adhere to traffic regulations and exhibit caution when road conditions are compromised. If a driver acts recklessly or is negligent, the court can issue a monetary judgment as a means of holding him or her legally accountable for any and all damages that such behavior may have caused.


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