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May police search property without a warrant?

If all of your knowledge of the duties of police comes from pop culture like movies and television, you may not have a very clear understanding of how and when police may search your property. This is especially true when it comes to whether police need a search warrant to perform a search.

A mild brain injury can ruin your personal and professional life

Any sufficiently strong blow to a person's head may result in a brain injury, although not all brain injuries are immediately apparent. In some cases, a mild traumatic brain injury (TBI) may occur without a victim realizing it for some time, if ever.

Growing marijuana in Wisconsin is a very serious offense

For those who have a need or desire for marijuana, growing the plant themselves may seem like a the best option for the situation. Not buying it means avoiding the dangerous unregulated market and keeps potential profits out of the hands of drug cartels, gangs and other criminal elements. It also means the person growing it knows what fertilizers and other chemicals helped grow the plant.

When should police read me my Miranda rights?

Most people in America have at least a passing familiarity with their Miranda rights from their frequent use in television and pop culture. However, beyond knowing that they have the right to remain silent and have the right to an attorney, many people do not understand exactly when an officer must read them their Miranda rights.

What is possession with intent to distribute?

While many states and regions may support some forms of drug legalization, drug charges are still a very serious matter that results in hefty fines, privilege restrictions and lengthy jail time sentences. Depending on the nature of the charges, an individual accused of a drug crime may face life-altering consequences from a conviction.

Do you understand robbery and burglary charges?

If you recently received property crime charges, the time to begin building your legal defense is now. Your prosecutor is already building the case against you, and without a strong legal defense to protect your rights and your privileges, you may suffer significant consequences that affect every area of your life.

How does a victim's identity affect assault charges?

When a person receives assault charges after an altercation, many aspects of that interaction may play into the charges' severity, often producing more severe consequences than the suspect expected. This is especially true when another party in the conflict is a member of a protected group of people.

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