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The Criminal Defense Knowledge Base

Levine Law’s Criminal Defense Knowledge Base provides resources, legal information, and news stories pertaining to individuals who have been accused of, are facing charges for, or have been affected by criminal activity. The Knowledge Base contains narratives for both prosecution and defense.

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Protecting Your Rights During a Traffic Stop
Seeing the blue flashing lights behind you is never the way that you want your day to go. However, a simple traffic stop may become something much more…
Do You Understand Robbery and Burglary Charges?
If you recently received property crime charges, the time to begin building your legal defense is now. Your prosecutor is already building the case against you…
How Do I Fight Back If I Was Illegally Searched by Police?
Milwaukee is a diverse city with a history and stigma of law enforcement treating certain populations with tactics that are questionable at best…
Yes, Felons Have the Potential to Obtain Firearms Legally
Since you have a felony from past mistakes, you know that you may not be able to have a gun. If you do have one now and never got rid of it, you could…

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