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Levine Law’s Motor Vehicle Accident Knowledge Base provides resources, legal information, and news stories pertaining to individuals who have been accused of, are facing charges for, or have been affected by negligent driving, OWIs, traffic violations, etc. The Knowledge Base contains narratives for both prosecution and defense.

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Repeat Drunk Drivers Remain a Persistent Problem in Wisconsin
Driving while intoxicated is not just illegal, it is also one of the most dangerous things any motorist can do…

Do You Know What to Do If You’re in a Crash?
When you’re on the roads, it’s necessary to know what to do if you’re involved in an accident…

Where to Seek Support in Aftermath of Motor Vehicle Accidents
The sudden and unexpected factors of a serious collision often leave victims wondering where to seek support…

Bikers: Brush up on Safety Precautions Before Your Next Ride
While taking your motorcycle out on the road is thrilling, you also understand the risks…

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News Articles Involving Motor Vehicle Accident Prevention and Traffic Laws in Wisconsin

Levine Law’s collection of Motor Vehicle Accident articles compiles news stories that detail how traffic signs, automobile-related accidents and fatalities that have impacted drivers in the state of Wisconsin.   Right-of-Way Often Central Factor in Motor Vehicle Accidents Who knows whether a Wisconsin driver’s age had anything to do with a recent collision. What does

News Stories That Involve Fatal Motor Vehicle Collisions in Wisconsin

Levine Law compiles news stories that outline fatal motor vehicle collisions that happened in the state of Wisconsin. Attempts to Avert Motor Vehicle Accidents Not Always Successful In the wee hours of the morning, two vehicles were traveling a particular highway in Wisconsin. At some point, it seems to have appeared to one of the

News Stories That Involve Distracted Driving Accidents in Wisconsin

Levine Law’s collection of Distracted Driving news articles compiles stories that show how speeding, texting and driving, and other dangerous distractions can lead to motor vehicle accidents.   Driver Distraction Causes Many Wisconsin Motor Vehicle Accidents While it’s true that drunk drivers are menaces to all who share their roadways in Wisconsin and all other

News Stories Involving Intoxicated/DWI Accidents in Wisconsin

Intoxication, either through drug use or alcohol consumption is a pervasive problem on Wisconsin roads. Levine Law has compiled news articles that outline DWIs and other driving accidents under the influence.   Wrong-Way Drivers Cause of Many Wisconsin Motor Vehicle Accidents One might not think there would be a lot of traffic before 4 a.m.

News Stories Involving Police and Motor Vehicle Accidents in Wisconsin

Police chases and traffic stops can sometimes escalate and contribute to motor vehicle accidents and injuries. Levine Law has compiled news articles outlining police involvement in motor vehicle accidents in Wisconsin. Preventing Motor Vehicle Accidents by Stopping Aggressive Driving It is especially tragic when a car accident occurs due to preventable factors, such as dangerous

Wisconsin Considers 70 Miles-per-hour Speed Limits for Some Roads

Wisconsin Considering 70 miles-per-hour Speed Limits Wisconsin roadways currently have a top speed of 65 miles-per-hour. These speed limits have been in place for several years, and are familiar to motorists within the state. When these drivers head into other states, they often find that speed limits on these roads can be much higher. This

Traffic Fatalities Up in U.S. in 2012; Down in Wisconsin in 2013

After almost a decade of declining numbers, preliminary reports from the National Safety Council have shown that the number of traffic fatalities rose in 2012 across the country. According to the NSC data, 36,200 people were killed in motor vehicle accidents during 2012. The NSC predictions represent at 5 percent increase from the number of traffic fatalities

Wisconsin Spring Break and Drunk Driving Statistics

Wisconsin residents should take note of the risks associated with drunk driving as spring break season nears. The months of March and April span spring break season for various schools in the area. Wisconsin college students and even some high school students can be tempted to engage in risky behaviors that put themselves and innocent

Repeat Drunk Drivers Remain a Persistent Problem in Wisconsin

Multiple OWI convictions remain persistently high in Wisconsin, with some blaming lax state laws. Driving while intoxicated is not just illegal, it is also one of the most dangerous things any motorist can do. Drunk driving causes thousands of car accidents across the country each year, killing thousands of people and tearing apart countless numbers of families.

Distracted Driving Accidents Are on the Rise in Wisconsin

Distracted driving crashes are increasing in Wisconsin, and misconceptions about the dangers of cognitive distraction may be a contributing factor. In recent years, distracted driving has increasingly been recognized as a leading threat to roadway safety. According to the government website, in 2014 alone, 3,179 people across the United States lost their lives in

Who’s at Fault If a Stop Sign Falls and there is an Accident?

Wisconsin intersections are dangerous. They are often the scenes of motor vehicle accidents, especially if a driver disregards stop signs or traffic lights. However, in some situations, whether a particular party is at fault is not always immediately clear. Investigators often have to recreate collisions to try to determine who or what may have caused a particular

Do You Know What to Do If You’re in a Crash?

Car crashes happen throughout the United States every day. From a teen who isn’t familiar with the roads to an elderly person who should have retired their license, there are lots of people who take risks or make mistakes and put others in danger. When you’re on the roads, it’s necessary to know what to

Wisconsin Motor Vehicle Accident Resulted in Fatality

While there is always a risk for personal injury when a licensed driver gets behind the wheel or someone travels as a passenger or pedestrian, most people reasonably expect other travelers to adhere to traffic laws and safety regulations. When people do follow the rules, it definitely reduces the chances of a motor vehicle accident

Motor Vehicle Accidents and Criminal Charges Sometimes Intersect

Like all other states, Wisconsin law prohibits operation of a motor vehicle if a person’s blood alcohol content reaches or exceeds a certain level. The problem is that many licensed drivers disregard such laws. This type of negligence often leads to fatal motor vehicle accidents. A man who was involved in a crash that resulted

Motor Vehicle Accidents: Support for Wisconsin Victims

There is always a certain amount of inherent risk involved when traveling by motor vehicle in Wisconsin or any other state. Some people may be more at risk than others, such as inexperienced drivers, those driving in severely inclement weather, or those sharing the roadway with another motorist who is impaired or distracted at the

How Evidence Is Gathered after Motor Vehicle Accidents

Wisconsin highways can be dangerous places, especially in winter when inclement road conditions often impede travelers’ safety. Not all roadway danger is caused by snow and ice, however. Many motor vehicle accidents occur because of driver negligence. The exact cause of a collision is not always immediately apparent to post-accident investigators, which is why reconstruction

What Are Some Ways to Stay Safer When Driving in Winter?

Winter months can lead to some serious traffic incidents when people aren’t prepared to drive in unusual weather conditions. Unfortunately, this can lead to a loss of life or victims who suffer significant injuries that last a lifetime. In Wisconsin, winter often means lots of ice and snow. Blizzard conditions are somewhat common, and drivers

Where to Seek Support in Aftermath of Motor Vehicle Accidents

Whether commuting to work or taking kids to school, Wisconsin travelers often have to navigate high levels of traffic in the early morning hours. Motorists in highly congested areas are at particular risk for motor vehicle accidents. The sudden and unexpected factors of a serious collision often leave victims wondering where to seek support. A

Why Fall Season Brings Dangerous Road Conditions in Wisconsin

The fall season can be one of the most dangerous times to be on the roads of Wisconsin. Why? There are so many hazards that drivers can come across at any point throughout the day or night. Today, we will take a look at why driving during the fall can be so dangerous for drivers

Why Some Motor Vehicle Accidents Happen After Midnight

After 1 a.m., it is logical to assume that there might be less traffic on an average Wisconsin roadway. Then again, some people prefer traveling in the wee hours of the morning so they can reach their destinations before the sun comes up. On a recent Saturday, there were three motorcycles and a car-sharing the

Why Curved Roads Present High Risk for Motor Vehicle Accidents

Many people in Wisconsin are motorcycle enthusiasts. Especially in summer months, it is quite common to see motorcyclists in traffic on state roadways. Since operators are more exposed than drivers behind the wheels of cars or other enclosed vehicles, the risk for injury is high when motor vehicle accidents involve motorcycles. A tragic incident occurred

Bikers: Brush up on Safety Precautions Before Your Next Ride

It’s summer, and the sun is shining. The days are warm and sunlight sticks around, making the day longer. You love this time of year because it means you get to break out your motorcycle. In fact, you have a few poker-runs planned and hope to participate in a couple of various charity events scheduled

Motor Vehicle Accidents Especially Tragic When No One Survives

No Wisconsin motorist is immune to collisions when navigating state roadways. However, when drivers are alert and cautious behind their wheels and adhere to all traffic and safety regulations, they increase their chances of safely arriving to their destinations. When drivers are negligent or reckless, motor vehicle accidents are more likely to occur. Accidents involving

How to Avoid Getting into a Motorcycle Accident

It’s impossible to bulletproof yourself against getting into a serious motorcycle accident, but there are certain things that every motorcyclist should do to stay as safe as possible on the road. What follows are a few safety tips. If you’re a Milwaukee biker, you’re advised to read these tips and follow them to the letter. They

How to Get Justice Following Motor Vehicle Accidents in Wisconsin

Regardless of how alert and cautious you are behind the wheel, you can never predict what another motorist might do. It’s no secret that Wisconsin roadways often include drunk drivers and others who are reckless or negligent behind the wheel. Irresponsible drivers place others at risk for injury when their actions lead to motor vehicle

Pursuing Justice Following Motor Vehicle Accidents in Wisconsin

Driving along busy Wisconsin highways can surely be a test of patience and skill. Some might say it also tempts the hands of fate and you just never know when another driver is going to do something that results in a collision and your own injuries. Motor vehicle accidents occur somewhere in the nation every

Don’t Make These Common Car Insurance Claim Mistakes

No one wants to be part of a motor vehicle accident, but you know this could happen at some point in the future. This is why you purchase a high level of car insurance coverage. If you are part of a crash, there’s nothing more important than receiving medical treatment and having a plan for

Involved in a Multi-Car Accident? Here’s What You Should Know

Imagine driving through Milwaukee on your way to work. Usually, your commute is fairly boring. You might spend a few minutes in slow-moving traffic during rush hour, but this is usually about as much excitement as you see. But, on this day, another driver was going too fast and the next thing you know, you

Wisconsin Motor Vehicle Accidents Often Lead to Financial Crises

You never know when a distracted or otherwise negligent driver is going to cross your path as you travel Wisconsin highways. Sometimes, it’s possible to avert disaster if you’re able to recognize potential danger and safely maneuver to avoid it. Given the fact that state roadways are often highly congested with fast-moving traffic, however, that

Pursuing Recovery Following Wisconsin Motor Vehicle Accidents

Many factors place you at risk for injury when traveling by car in Wisconsin. Whether you’re behind the wheel or riding as a passenger, your safety often depends on the actions and reactions of other drivers. Motor vehicle accidents happen every day throughout the nation. While you obviously hope to reach your destination safely each time

What About Motor Vehicle Accidents When Cars Hit Houses?

There’s usually little to no way of telling when a Wisconsin car accident might occur. While there may be signs that signal high risks for motor vehicle accidents, such as cars weaving in their lanes or drivers operating vehicles at excessive speeds, one just never knows when an actual collision may take place. In fact, people

WISDOT: May 2017 Was Second Safest on Record Post-WWII

As we’ve made clear in recent posts, we are entering an especially dangerous time of the year in terms of motor vehicle accidents, as there are simply more people on the road at all hours of the day owing to everything from vacations and spring break to favorable weather conditions. Given this reality, one would

5 Ways Summer Is Dangerous for Teenage Drivers and How to Protect Them

5 Ways Summer Is a Dangerous Time for Teenage Drivers Summertime can be an extremely dangerous time for teenage drivers. According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, more than 1,000 people were killed in auto accidents that involved a teenage driver between Memorial Day and Labor Day of 2016. The time period between these

Can You Pass the Test When It Comes to Traffic Signals?

When it comes to the operation of a motor vehicle, everyone thinks that they would fall into the category of being a “good driver.” While this would seem like a purely subjective classification, it could perhaps be argued that there are actually objective ways to make this determination. Indeed, a person’s driving record could be

How Long Does Your Phone Keep You Distracted? Start Counting …

When it comes to dangerous driving practices, there’s no denying that many people are simply in denial. For example, some might attempt to justify speeding by claiming that they’re only doing it to keep up with traffic, impaired driving by offering that they never consume more than they can handle, or driving distracted by arguing

What to Know About Navigating Work Zones While Driving

The American Automobile Association, more commonly known as AAA, is projecting that the upcoming Memorial Day weekend will see roughly 34.6 million people drive 50 miles or more, marking the highest number of holiday drivers since 2005. Here in Wisconsin, the group is estimating that close to 694,000 people — or 90 percent of all travelers —

The Truth about Aggressive Drivers and the Law

If you live in a major metropolitan area like Milwaukee, there’s no denying that the commute to work or school may be one of the most frustrating aspects of your entire day. Indeed, it often seems as if your efforts to make it in on time are inevitably stymied by everything from stalled vehicles and

5 Things You Must Know about Motorcycle Accidents

The spring-like temperatures that keep coming and going are a time when motorcycle riders come out to enjoy some time on the open road. All drivers on the road should take an interest in keeping everyone on the roads safe. Motorcycles present a special concern since these vehicles are open and the driver takes the

Why Tailgating Is so Much More Dangerous than People Believe

Chances are good that as you made your way to work or school this morning, you observed some less than impressive — and downright dangerous — behavior by your fellow motorists from speeding and running red lights to texting and talking on smartphones. If your travels took you to area highways or freeways here in

Study: Symptom-Free Concussion Patients Present Elevated Accident Risk

One of the most significant developments to take place in sports over the last several years didn’t play out on the field, the court or the rink, but rather in research labs and doctor’s offices. Specifically, we’ve seen tremendous progress made in the area of concussion awareness, such that not only are more players and

3 Must-Know Tips for Driving in the Winter Weather

Everyone knows that winter weather in Wisconsin can be harsh. The sharp breeze, sub-zero temperatures, and frequent snowfall can make driving on the winter roads in Wisconsin quite a challenge. While the natives of Wisconsin might feel like they have a firm grasp on how to drive safely in the snow, people should understand that

State Officials Warning about Dangers of Drug-impaired Drivers

It perhaps goes without saying that people throughout Wisconsin will be very busy with holiday-related activities over the next few weeks. While a considerable amount of time will be devoted to decorating, cooking, baking and, of course, gift-wrapping, it will also be spent attending social gatherings involving family, friends and co-workers. Given that alcohol is

Distracted Driving Means More than Just Talking and Texting

When most people hear the term “distracted driving,” their thoughts automatically turn to smartphones, specifically motorists talking and texting while navigating the roads and highways. While it’s certainly true that smartphones and other electronic devices pose a very real safety risk — a fact evidenced by Wisconsin’s universal ban on texting while driving — it’s important to

Consequences of Motorcycle Collisions in Wisconsin

Motor Vehicle Accidents Can Change Motorcycle Riders Lives in an Instant Many people in Wisconsin spend Sundays attending church services, gathering with family and friends, or otherwise relaxing as the weekend winds down. When unexpected situations occur, it can throw off Sunday plans, especially if a loved one has suffered some type of harm. Motor

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