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The Personal Injury Knowledge Base

Levine Law’s Personal Injury Knowledge Base provides resources, legal information, and news stories pertaining to individuals who have been accused of, are facing charges for, or have been affected by catastrophic injuries and other accidents. The Knowledge Base contains narratives for both prosecution and defense.

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Get the Right Help for Your Catastrophic Injury Case
Car crash injuries are common after collisions, because the force of an impact has to be spread out…
There Are Several Reasons to Work with a Personal Injury Attorney
Car crashes can happen anywhere, from the residential street you live on to the highway in bumper-to-bumper traffic…
Neck and Back Injuries After a Car Crash
Neck and back injuries can change your life. Even something that is relatively minor, like a whiplash, has the potential to lead to hours in rehabilitation along with headaches, dizziness and other concerns…
Should You Settle Your Personal Injury Case out of Court?
It is not uncommon for legal claims regarding accidents or injuries to never see the inside of the courtroom…

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