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Focus on opiate addiction means those who sell pills have a lot to risk

For many years, the thriving secondary market for prescription pills across the country was an open secret. Many people knew or understood that some prescription medication ended up sold and used in illegal manners, but few people concerned themselves with this issue. In the last few years, however, a steep increase in the number of reported deaths related to opioid, opiate, and heroin abuse and overdoses has skyrocketed.

Wisconsin police make several arrests for alleged drug crimes

Wisconsin police sometimes use covert tactics in their investigations. When drug crimes are suspected, undercover work often includes attempts to purchase or actual purchases of substances investigators believe to illegal drugs. Everything in this type of police action is officially controlled, including the money used to make a supposed drug buy.

Police make arrests on suspicion of drug crimes in Wisconsin

It's often impossible to predict when life is going to take a sudden turn and one's personal circumstances are going to be impacted by a particular change in events. Several people in Wisconsin can likely relate to such matters because a recent Thursday morning landed them all in jail. Chances are, their day may have started much like any other, but things sure changed when police showed up at their door and later accused them of drug crimes.

Woman sentenced for drug crimes following another person's death

A number of deaths in Wisconsin are later determined to have been related to illegal drug use. In some situations, such as a recent case where a woman has since been sentenced for drug crimes, charges may be filed against one or more parties if they are believed to have been responsible for the deaths in some way. In this particular situation, the woman in question has been sentenced to six months in jail.

Police search Wisconsin home, charges for drug crimes follow

Police say they received a report about someone yelling at a particular Wisconsin residence on a recent Tuesday. Authorities also claim they were informed of suspected illegal drug activity at the same location. A police officer says he saw a woman that he knew had used drugs in the past and followed her to the home to investigate possible drug crimes.

Two Wisconsin residents suspected of drug crimes following search

Wisconsin police say they had a search warrant when they went rummaging through a private residence on a recent Wednesday. After their unexpected visit, which they reported was part of an ongoing investigation, they charged two people with drug crimes and took them both into custody. One defendant is a 24-year-old man, the other, a 23-year-old woman.

Authorities accuse more than 10 of drug crimes in Wisconsin

The lives of 12 people in Wisconsin have taken a turn in a direction they might not have foreseen. The situation involves law enforcement investigators, allege drug crimes and a recent incident that led to their arrest. The futures of each person will now be determined through the criminal adjudication process.

Drug crimes added to list of charges in traffic stop

On a recent Thursday, just after 4.pm., a man was pulled over by police on a Wisconsin road. The officer asserts that the man was traveling at an excessive rate of speed. As events unfolded, the man's situation became more problematic as he wound up facing charges for drug crimes in addition to incurring a speeding ticket.

Authorities searching for 2 accused of drug crimes

Police say they suspect that two people for whom they are searching are on the run somewhere in Wisconsin. Seven people total were indicted regarding the drug crimes situation. Authorities claim the group was involved in a large-scale methamphetamine operation.

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