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Driver distraction causes many Wisconsin motor vehicle accidents

While it's true that drunk drivers are menaces to all who share their roadways in Wisconsin and all other states, alcohol is not always a causal factor of collision. Some motor vehicle accidents occur because of distracted driving, poor road conditions or any number of other issues. A recent crash that occurred on a Wednesday near Cottage Grove involved two cars, and resulted in injury and a fatality.

Recent Wisconsin motor vehicle accident resulted in fatality

Anyone who frequents Wisconsin highways during lunch hour knows how busy and chaotic traffic patterns can be. Even when one driver is alert and cautious behind the wheel, another motorist's negligence can wreak havoc on the roadway. A recent motor vehicle accident near Boyceville occurred just after 12:30 p.m.

Seeking justice following motor vehicle accidents in Wisconsin

Regardless of how alert and cautious you are behind the wheel, you can never predict what another motorist might do. It's no secret that Wisconsin roadways often include drunk drivers and others who are reckless or negligent behind the wheel. Irresponsible drivers place others at risk for injury when their actions lead to motor vehicle accidents.

Wisconsin motor vehicle accidents often prompt highway shutdowns

All traffic was forced to come to an abrupt halt on a recent Tuesday on Highway 51 in Wisconsin. The cause of the multiple lane shutdown was a two-car collision. The crash resulted in injury to more than one person. Motor vehicle accidents like this one often have long-lasting consequences.

Pursuing justice following motor vehicle accidents in Wisconsin

Driving along busy Wisconsin highways can surely be a test of patience and skill. Some might say it also tempts the hands of fate and you just never know when another driver is going to do something that results in a collision and your own injuries. Motor vehicle accidents occur somewhere in the nation every day and many situations are later found to have been completely preventable were it not for driver negligence.

Some motor vehicle accidents occur during police chases

A man in Wisconsin who was out of jail on bail regarding a third offense drunk driving issue recently exacerbated his situation by becoming involved in a police chase. He was involved in several motor vehicle accidents, one of which resulted in injury to another person. It is often quite difficult to overcome charges that are filed in such circumstances.

Motor vehicle accident sends car plunging into nearby marina

In Wisconsin or anywhere, when there is a loss of life in a car crash, lives are forever changed. A recent motor vehicle accident ended in a fatality. Another person also suffered injuries in the collision.

Wisconsin motor vehicle accidents often lead to financial crises

You never know when a distracted or otherwise negligent driver is going to cross your path as you travel Wisconsin highways. Sometimes, it's possible to avert disaster if you're able to recognize a potential danger and safely maneuver to avoid it. Given the fact that state roadways are often highly congested with fast-moving traffic, however, that is not always possible. When motor vehicle accidents occur that result in injury, those who suffer often wind up facing other problems related to their situations.

Motor vehicle accidents involving head on collisions often fatal

At least six occupants were traveling in a mini van on a Wisconsin road just after 9:30 p.m. on a recent Friday night. Their lives were forever changed when a terrible collision occurred. Motor vehicle accidents like this one often leave entire communities reeling in grief for months.

Pursuing recovery following Wisconsin motor vehicle accidents

Many factors place you at risk for injury when traveling by car in Wisconsin. Whether you're behind the wheel or riding as a passenger, your safety often depends on the actions and reactions of other drivers. Motor vehicle accidents happen every day throughout the nation. While you obviously hope to reach your destination safely each time you venture out, it's also good to know where to turn for help if a negligent driver causes you injury.

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