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Wisconsin victims demonstrate the dangers of dog bites

Most residents thought that dog bites can only be hazardous to their health if the canine pushes their teeth deep into their skin or gives them receive multiple cuts, scratches and bites all at once. However, many are reconsidering after two Wisconsin citizens made national news for catching a potentially dangerous disease from a small nibble or lick from a dog.

Should you settle your personal injury case out of court?

It is not uncommon for legal claims regarding accidents or injuries to never see the inside of the courtroom. Resolving the litigation process earlier is typical in these types of cases. Sometimes, people can complete an informal settlement before attorneys start filing lawsuits.

Chicago police found to routinely exceed their authority

In Milwaukee, we've seen our share of conflicts between law enforcement and citizens. In December, former police officer Dominique Heaggan-Brown was charged with first-degree reckless homicide for killing Sylville Smith in August. The fatal shooting of an African-American man, who was allegedly running from a traffic stop at the time, led to days and nights of protest and unrest.

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