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Judge reveals possible bias in sex crimes case

A judge is an impartial arbiter of justice in a court of law. He or she is supposed to approach each case with an open mind and adjudicate the proceedings based on the evidence presented. In a recent case in Wisconsin a judge may have exhibited bias at a defendant's court appearance in a sex crimes case. The judge allegedly made the comment that the accused was "creepy."

Sex crimes alleged in woman's ambulance ride to hospital

Proving guilt beyond a reasonable doubt in sex crimes cases in Wisconsin can be difficult, depending on the circumstances. Where there is clear witness testimony, the defendant may have little or no viable defense to present. When the witness testimony regarding sex crimes is unclear or otherwise skewed, there may be a reasonable doubt about the guilt of the accused.

What are the punishments for sexual assault in Wisconsin?

Being charged with sexual assault can be shocking and life-changing. You run the risk of major jail time, large fines, and getting put on the sexual offender registry. However, the court doesn't treat all sexual assault cases the same in Wisconsin. It is important to determine what applies in your case, so you know what to expect in court.

HIV nondisclosure case overturned for fundamental unfairness

Prosecutors in another state were just reminded of their ethical duty to try all cases fairly. In particular, a county prosecutor was called on the carpet for failing to disclose key evidence to the defense until the morning of trial.

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