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Violent crimes: Wisconsin often rules drug overdoses as homicide

There is no question that much of Wisconsin and most other states throughout the country are experiencing a serious opioid crisis. However, that does not necessarily mean that every person charged with violent crimes such as drug-related homicide is guilty. There appears to be a rising trend in this state and others where illegal drug overdoses are treated as homicides.

Here's what you need to know about violent crimes in the U.S.

Violent crimes range in nature, but the basic similarity is that they all result in the pain and suffering of another person. Interestingly, a violent crime doesn't have to result in actual physical injuries. Threatening violence can also sometimes result in violent crime charges.

Wisconsin judges often set high bonds in cases of violent crimes

In 2013, a Wisconsin woman was reported missing. To date, she has still not been found. Police suspect foul play, and the woman's husband is now sitting behind bars as the main suspect in his wife's disappearance and alleged death. The husband has been romantically involved with another woman since about a month after his wife's disappeared, and she has also been charged in the violent crimes case.

Man allegedly spoke of violent crimes during Wisconsin OWI stop

Any man or woman who is pulled over in a Wisconsin traffic stop will want to quite wary of he or she says to police. While the Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution protects those in such situations from unlawful searches or seizures and the Fifth Amendment protects the right to remain silent without legal representation, it is definitely true that anything a suspect says or does during a traffic stop or arrest can later be used by prosecutors to incriminate the person if charges are filed. Police claim that a man they recently arrested mentioned past allegations of violent crimes to them while he was being arrested.

Alleged violent crimes are not constitutions of guilt

As in all other states, violent crimes sometimes occur in Wisconsin. In fact, on a recent Monday, a man was arrested and charged with stabbing another man. The supposed crime took place in the wee hours after midnight at an apartment. The 42-year-old victim was listed in serious condition and was transported to a hospital for emergency surgery. When prosecutors suspect violent crimes, they are often quite aggressive in their quests to secure convictions.

Man charged with violent crimes may have mental health issues

Residents of a particular Wisconsin apartment complex say their neighborhood is usually quite safe. In fact, one man says he feels comfortable enough to leave his door unlocked. The city in which the apartment building stands was reportedly voted one of the safest in the state. However, despite this, charges of violent crimes were filed against a resident of the complex on a recent Friday evening.

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