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Wisconsin man says police coerced his violent crimes confession

Netflix viewers who watch "Making of a Murderer" may be familiar with a particular case that is currently being appealed post-conviction. A 28-year-old man, who was 16 when certain violent crimes were committed, says his confession to those crimes was coerced. Although tried separately, he and his uncle were both convicted and remain in Wisconsin prisons at this time.

Man convicted of violent crimes attacked at sentencing hearing

In 2015, a man in Wisconsin was murdered. The man accused of the violent crimes reportedly went into hiding but was later apprehended by police. He then sought a speedy trial, as was his right, and was released on a signature bond after the court did not comply with his request for a speedy trial within 90 days.

Several violent crimes cases soon to be heard in Wisconsin courts

It appears that the Wisconsin criminal justice system will have a busy court schedule in 2018. At least five cases involving allegations of violent crimes are slated to be tried in this state in the coming year. One of those involves a man who is currently incarcerated for another matter.

Wisconsin man accused of violent crimes against his own wife

When a motor vehicle accident occurs in Wisconsin or elsewhere, there is often an extensive investigation launched in its aftermath if authorities question any details given by those involved. One man, who told officials he and his wife had been traveling along when a lead pipe flew off another vehicle, crashed through his windshield and struck his wife's head, is now facing charges for violent crimes against his wife because authorities did not believe his story. His wife did not survive the alleged collision the man claims they were in involved in on the roadway.

Police say violent crimes don't happen often in this region

A man who was apparently on his way to visit relatives now sits behind bars in a Wisconsin jail. The man has been in trouble with the law in the past. A most recent incident resulted in accusations against him for allegedly committing violent crimes against two other men.

Two men accused of violent crimes against U.S. military veteran

An incident took place at a home in Wisconsin that has led to two men being placed behind bars. Both are charged with violent crimes against an elderly U.S. marine veteran who was recently diagnosed with cancer. The men are accused of entering the veteran's home, stealing $160 from him and taking his life.

FBI searching for suspect following alleged violent crimes

A Wisconsin drag racing festival ended up being a chaotic scene that has resulted in a massive FBI search. Three violent crimes supposedly took place when an unnamed person showed up at the festival and started shooting people. Authorities believe the people shot were directly targeted by the gunman.

Why you can't afford to dismiss battery charges -- III

In a series of posts, our blog has been exploring how those involved in any manner of physical altercation here in Wisconsin may face consequences far more serious than they anticipated owing to the state's stringent battery laws.

Report: Wisconsin prison population headed for a new record

The nonpartisan Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance, a group dedicated to "promot[ing] citizen education through solid, nonpartisan research," released a fascinating and rather disconcerting report last week on the prison population here in the Dairy State.

Why you can't afford to dismiss battery charges -- II

Last month, our blog began discussing how even the most seemingly minor physical altercations can have serious consequences in that one person, simply wanting to put the matter behind them or dismiss it as nothing, may nevertheless find themselves placed under arrest for misdemeanor battery.   

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