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There are few crimes as serious as homicide. Even if you are under investigation for this crime, you want to have an attorney by your side. Anything you say during the investigation, no matter how inconsequential it may seem to you now, may be used against you in court. With a lawyer by your side throughout the process, you can avoid saying the wrong thing, protect your constitutional rights and start building a strong defense as soon as possible.

At Levine Law in Milwaukee, we understand how serious homicide charges can be for you. We stand ready to protect your rights at every stage, from initial investigation through to trial. Homicide defense attorney Michael G. Levine is a former public defender with substantial courtroom experience, including handling jury trials. Along with our legal team, he can protect your interests throughout the case and help you fight these criminal charges.

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You Need An Attorney By Your Side

Homicide cases are complex and often involve significant amounts of detailed evidence. This can include everything from eyewitness statements to forensic data.

Additionally, a conviction for homicide carries significant penalties. For example, a conviction for first-degree intentional homicide carries a life sentence. With so much on the line, it is vital that you carefully choose an experienced lawyer with experience handling these types of cases.

When attorney Michael G. Levine served as a public defender in Florida, he had as many as 100 felony files open at any given time. With this experience handling a range of complex, serious cases, he knows what it takes to protect our clients’ rights and build a solid defense to all homicide charges.

At our firm, we handle all types of homicide charges, including:

  • Intentional homicide
  • Reckless homicide
  • Attempted homicide
  • Felony murder
  • Vehicular homicide
  • Abortion
  • Assisting suicide
  • Other crimes that result in the loss of a life

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