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How do I fight a OWI or DUI license suspension in Wisconsin?

A troubling aspect of an arrest for operating while intoxicated OWI (sometimes referred to as DUI or DWI) is the impact on a person’s privilege to drive. You likely know that the state will automatically suspend your driver’s license after an arrest. Drivers accused of drunk driving or a chemical test refusal can challenge the license suspension in an administrative hearing before the Department of Motor Vehicles. These challenges are not a direct part of the criminal OWI charges and must be requested in a timely manner.

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What happens if I have been charged with a DWI after taking a breath test in Wisconsin?

If you were charged with DWI after a breath test or accused of breath-test refusal at the time of your arrest, you likely received a notice of the suspension in writing from the arresting officer. In these situations, you have 10 days to submit a formal request for an administrative hearing. If the charges were delayed pending the results of a blood or urine test, you have 13 days from the date you received your notice in the mail of the license suspension to request an administrative hearing. It is important to contact an experienced OWI defense lawyer as soon as possible after your encounter with police to protect your rights. At Levine Law in Milwaukee, our attorneys vigorously advocate to help our clients get back on the road legally. We analyze every detail to find flaws that may be presented to challenge the license suspension. We will explain your options, including whether submitting an administrative review request to challenge the suspension is in your best interests.

What are my options after I have been convicted of an OWI in Wisconsin?

For individuals who are convicted of an OWI, there still may be options to regain limited driving privileges. After a first-time conviction, many drivers may benefit from obtaining an occupational license that allows the individual to drive to work or school during the suspension period. We can advise you about your legal options and advocate getting you the relief that best serves you. In some situations, such as after a conviction for a repeat DUI, you may need to have an ignition interlock device installed to regain the ability to drive.

Did the police have reasonable suspicion to conduct a traffic stop? Was there truly probable cause to make an arrest? Did law enforcement misstep during the course of the investigation? We fight hard to challenge OWI license suspensions. Call 414-271-9585 to arrange a free consultation.

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