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Day begins with accusations of drug crimes in Wisconsin

Police were inside the home of two people in Wisconsin on a recent Sunday morning. Sundays are often associated with rest and relaxation, church services and other family traditions. However, this particular Sunday was anything but enjoyable for the couple in question, who are now facing charges regarding suspected drug crimes. One can only imagine the sudden shock of unexpectedly finding police officers bursting into one's home.

However, that seems to be what occurred when officers showed up unannounced and reportedly made an aggressive entrance into the couple's home. They apparently did not even knock on the door before going inside. This tactic is sometimes referred to as a no-knock search. It was not long after midnight when police began their search. Authorities say there was already an active warrant out against the husband regarding supposed weapons violations.  

Theft, robbery and burglary charges

Despite the fact that the public often uses theft, robbery and burglary interchangeably in conversation, these are distinctly different charges, and do not mean the same thing in the eyes of the court. If you or someone you know faces charges related to one or more of these crimes, you should examine your legal options very closely, to make sure that you do not miss out on any important defense opportunities.

The longer you wait to begin building a defense to these charges, the more time that you afford your prosecution to build a case against you without any obstruction. Ultimately, this makes it more difficult for you to build your defense, and leaves you less time to do so. If you value your rights and freedoms, do not brush this responsibility aside.

Wrong-way drivers cause of many Wisconsin motor vehicle accidents

One might not think there would be a lot of traffic before 4 a.m. on Wisconsin roadways. However, many long-distance travelers prefer driving through the night because there tends to be less traffic. There may also be someone commuting to work before dawn, as well as a few late-night partygoers who may finally be heading home. In short, no matter what time of day or night it is, there are bound to cars on the road, and where there are cars, there are risks for motor vehicle accidents

A recent incident ended in a double tragedy. Investigators are still reviewing details of the events that led to a serious collision between two cars. The  vehicles were initially headed in opposite directions from one another, one traveling westbound, the other east.  

When criminal law intersects with motor vehicle accidents

Wisconsin police officers often later claim they had reasonable cause to engage in a vehicle pursuit when one or more parties allegedly left the scene of crime or exhibited some other behavior while driving that caught their attention. The problem is that some police chases end in motor vehicle accidents, sometimes with fatal results. This is evident in a recent tragedy that took place when law enforcement officers tried to catch up with a car they claim was traveling more than 90 mph.  

The incident occurred on a recent Saturday. A woman, age 35, was reportedly behind the wheel of the car that was being chased by police. A 36-year-old man was traveling as her passenger at the time.  

Drug charges may easily cost you your job

A recent study found that many workplaces see increasing rates of drug use by employees. This is after years of prevention efforts intended to removed drug use from professional environments. While some employers see this as an expected result of changing attitudes about some drugs at the national level, e.g., marijuana, other employers may increase their efforts to eliminate drug use in the workplace with more frequent drug testing and harsher penalties.

If you face drug charges of any kind, beating the charges is not only necessary to keep you out of jail, it is important for your ongoing employment. Even if you do not receive jail time as a part of a sentence for a conviction, you may still lose your job and have great difficulty finding another comparable opportunity.

Narcotics officers search Wisconsin home, suspect drug crimes

A sheriff's department in Wisconsin recently got a call requesting police assistance at a particular residence. Authorities say they were told some type of altercation was occurring that may have something to do with illegal drug activities. The department dispatched a patrol car to the scene, which ultimately led authorities to suspect that drug crimes were being committed.  

The officers who arrived on-site say they secured the scene, which included three adult individuals. They also briefly spoke to each person and say they found what appeared to be various controlled substances and drug paraphernalia during their preliminary investigation. At some point, they called their department, asking for additional law enforcement support.  

Decongestant purchases in Wisconsin led to arrest for drug crimes

Wisconsin residents should know that they may risk being arrested if they purchase specific types amount of over-the-counter decongestant medications within a certain period of time. Two people, a man and a woman, are now facing charges for suspected drug crimes because of this. Their situation involves purchasing products containing pseudoephedrine in an amount more than 7.5 grams within 30 days.  

Buying certain kinds of batteries can also lead to legal problems in some situations. The accused were reportedly observed purchasing lithium batteries as well as cold packs. Authorities say the charges were filed following a drug investigation. They also say the products the defendants purchased are often used to manufacture methamphetamine.  

How to avoid getting into a motorcycle accident

It's impossible to bulletproof yourself against getting into a serious motorcycle accident, but there are certain things that every motorcyclist should do to stay as safe as possible on the road.

What follows are a few safety tips. If you're a Milwaukee biker, you're advised to read these tips and follow them to the letter. They just might save your life.

Alleged violent crimes can stem from domestic relationship

Wisconsin authorities contend daily with incidents of domestic violence. These events sometimes manifest as public incidents. For example, the Sturtevant Police recently arrested a 24-year-old woman for violent crimes in connection with a domestic relationship that played out in and around a public movie theater. It started when the theater manager called police to report that two women were arguing in the theater's parking lot.

The police went to the Marcus Cinema to investigate the report. When they arrived, they found a woman sitting on the sidewalk and crying. The manager told police that the woman was the victim in the altercation. The manager claimed that the two women were originally inside but apparently left the theater through emergency exit doors, which alerted him to the incident.

When families lose loved ones in motor vehicle accidents

Wisconsin roadways, like most others throughout the nation, are often dangerous places. Sometimes, distracted, intoxicated or otherwise reckless drivers are on the road. The problem is that personal driving choices don't only affect the driver making them but can cause long-lasting consequences in the lives of others, especially when fatal motor vehicle accidents occur.  The law protects those who suffer due to other people's negligence by allowing them to pursue recovery for their losses in court.

A collision involving two cars happened on a recent Sunday evening at approximately 7:30 p.m. The accident had tragic results that undoubtedly changed the lives of two families forever. The crash occurred when a vehicle veered out of its lane and crossed the center yellow line dividing traffic.  

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