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Wisconsin man accused of violent crimes against his own wife

When a motor vehicle accident occurs in Wisconsin or elsewhere, there is often an extensive investigation launched in its aftermath if authorities question any details given by those involved. One man, who told officials he and his wife had been traveling along when a lead pipe flew off another vehicle, crashed through his windshield and struck his wife's head, is now facing charges for violent crimes against his wife because authorities did not believe his story. His wife did not survive the alleged collision the man claims they were in involved in on the roadway.

The man happens to be a windshield repairer for a living. He explained to investigators that the scratches he had on his neck, chest and hands are very typical injuries in his line of work because he works with glass all the time and often gets scraped. Investigators say they do not think the lead pipe crashed through his window and killed his wife but that he himself struck her with the pipe then tried to make it look like the accident he described had occurred.

Don’t make these common car insurance claim mistakes

No one wants to be part of a motor vehicle accident, but you know this could happen at some point in the future. This is why you purchase a high level of car insurance coverage.

If you are part of a crash, there's nothing more important than receiving medical treatment and having a plan for getting over your injuries as quickly as possible.

Police say violent crimes don't happen often in this region

A man who was apparently on his way to visit relatives now sits behind bars in a Wisconsin jail. The man has been in trouble with the law in the past. A most recent incident resulted in accusations against him for allegedly committing violent crimes against two other men.

The other men happened to be brothers. They, and the defendant, were reportedly in the same local bar establishment when a disagreement broke out among the three. At some point, the altercation spilled out into the parking lot.

Woman sentenced for drug crimes following another person's death

A number of deaths in Wisconsin are later determined to have been related to illegal drug use. In some situations, such as a recent case where a woman has since been sentenced for drug crimes, charges may be filed against one or more parties if they are believed to have been responsible for the deaths in some way. In this particular situation, the woman in question has been sentenced to six months in jail.

The 21-year-old has being held accountable in criminal court for a man's death that occurred a couple years ago. Several other people were also charged, convicted and sentenced in connection with the same incident. The woman received the additional sentence of five years' probation. The court found her guilty of reckless homicide because she delivered the drugs that wound up killing the man who used them.

Some motor vehicle accidents occur during police chases

A man in Wisconsin who was out of jail on bail regarding a third offense drunk driving issue recently exacerbated his situation by becoming involved in a police chase. He was involved in several motor vehicle accidents, one of which resulted in injury to another person. It is often quite difficult to overcome charges that are filed in such circumstances.

The police were made aware of a potential problem when someone called 911 to report a vehicle that was making erratic and  unsafe moves on the highway. Several additional calls came into the emergency number shortly after the initial call. There were reports of the vehicle hitting a traffic pole.

Involved in a multi-car accident? Here’s what you should know

Imagine driving through Milwaukee on your way to work. Usually, your commute is fairly boring. You might spend a few minutes in slow moving traffic during rush hour, but this is usually about as much excitement as you see. But, on this day, another driver was going too fast and the next thing you know, you are in the middle of a multi-car wreck. What happens now? How does the insurance company decide who is at fault for the accident?

When there is a car accident that involves three or more cars, most insurance companies have a set of rules to follow to determine which driver was liable. To find out more about how fault is determined in a multiple car crash, read below.

Two men accused of violent crimes against U.S. military veteran

An incident took place at a home in Wisconsin that has led to two men being placed behind bars. Both are charged with violent crimes against an elderly U.S. marine veteran who was recently diagnosed with cancer. The men are accused of entering the veteran's home, stealing $160 from him and taking his life.

One of the two men charged with the other man's murder says he did not even know where he and his friend were going at the time, much less realize that an alleged crime was about to occur. He told police his friend has simply invited him to go somewhere with him where they would both get some money. Before the incident, the two men were apparently living at a homeless camp.

Who pays medical bills for slip-and-fall accidents?

Sometimes you might be at risk for injury simply from venturing outside your own home, perhaps to a Wisconsin shopping mall or even to a company picnic or private party at the home of an acquaintance. When you step foot on another person's property, the owner of that property is obligated to make sure it is kept in safe condition to help any and all guests to the property to avoid injury. Slip-and-fall accidents can occur when property owners fail to fulfill their responsibilities.

Let's say you are walking through a shopping mall and you hit a wet spot on the floor. One moment you're looking at the latest trendy outfits in the windows of your favorite shop; the next thing you know you're lying flat on your back in a lot of pain. Mall security contacts local emergency medical technicians, and before you know it you are riding on a stretcher in the back of an ambulance, on your way to the nearest hospital.

Police search Wisconsin home, charges for drug crimes follow

Police say they received a report about someone yelling at a particular Wisconsin residence on a recent Tuesday. Authorities also claim they were informed of suspected illegal drug activity at the same location. A police officer says he saw a woman that he knew had used drugs in the past and followed her to the home to investigate possible drug crimes.

The police officer later said he was approaching the woman to speak with her as she made her way to the door of the home in question. Supposedly, as he did so, a bunch of people started coming out of the home and fleeing the area, some on bicycles and others on foot. The officer said one man dropped various drug paraphernalia items, as well as methamphetamine and marijuana as he attempted to ride away on a bicycle; the officer stopped and detained the man.

Locked inside a beer cooler: What would you do?

There comes a moment in everyone's life where we have to make a decision between pleasure and pain, between comfort and discomfort, and between making the most of a bad situation or miserably doing nothing.

Perhaps this kind of decision-making process played a role in a Wisconsin man's alleged choice after he got locked in a beer cooler overnight at a Marshfield convenience store.

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