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Curved roads present high risk for motor vehicle accidents

Many people in Wisconsin are motorcycle enthusiasts. Especially in summer months, it is quite common to see motorcyclists in traffic on state roadways. Since operators are more exposed than drivers behind the wheels of cars or other enclosed vehicles, the risk for injury is high when motor vehicle accidents involve motorcycles. 

A tragic incident occurred on a recent Saturday afternoon. Three motorcycles were involved in a chain-reaction crash that resulted in a fatality, as well as injuries to two other people. This situation is an example of how dangerous curved roads can be when numerous motorcyclists are traveling together.  

Attention Wisconsin residents: Drug crimes reportedly on the rise

Local officials recently gathered to discuss crime in Wisconsin, in particular, those that occur in Eau Claire. Seeing as data shows a 17 percent increase of drug crimes between 2016 and 2017, residents may be more at risk for legal problems if they find themselves in the wrong places at the wrong times. Since every arrest does not lead to conviction, it is also wise to learn where to seek support if a problem arises to obtain help in building a strong defense to try to preserve one's freedom.  

A local police chief who spoke at the recent meeting said the overall crime rate in Eau Claire has risen approximately 35 percent in the past five years. He said officials believe the rising crime rate is directly connected to an area substance-abuse problem. It was also noted that methamphetamine seems to be a particularly problematic issue regarding drug arrests in the area.  

Speed is often a factor in Wisconsin motor vehicle accidents

Wisconsin roadways are often dangerous places, even at 1:30 a.m. and the wee hours that follow. While it is logical to assume that traffic would not be so heavy at such times, it does not mean that motorists are guaranteed to arrive safely to their destinations, especially if a driver is reckless. Motor vehicle accidents often occur when vehicle operators travel at excessive speeds, drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or become distracted at the wheel.  

Speed appears to have been the most significant factor in a recent one-car collision that had fatal results. Two men, both age 54, were traveling together when the crash occurred. Police who responded to the scene say the driver was likely speeding moments before his car careened off the road.  

Motorcycle fatalities continue to rise in the summer

With the final month of summer approaching, the amount of motorcycle accidents Wisconsin receives per week does not appear to be slowing down. Earlier this year, Today's TMJ4 reported that a motorcycle crashes every four hours on Wisconsin roadways during the warm months. Their statistics show that there is an average of 75 deaths per year from these crashes.

Unfortunately, last week shows that the state will likely be close to the average again this year. In the last seven days alone, there were at least three reported motorcycle fatalities covered in the news that were a result of negligence and a lack of safety precautions.

Motor vehicle accidents: Tragedy strikes Wisconsin family

Like many Wisconsin families do during summer, one family went to a local ice-cream shop on recent Saturday evening. This particular family having no way of knowing that their lives were about to be changed forever. As often happens when serious motor vehicle accidents occur, the family is grieving the loss of one of its youngest members. The investigation of the events leading up to the devastating crash remains ongoing at this time.  

No information was provided as to exactly how many family members were walking home from the ice-cream shop at the time. It is clear, however, that a 6-year-old boy was riding on his bicycle, with his mother walking nearby. The family had entered an intersection to walk to the other side of the street when a pickup truck suddenly struck both the child and his mother. 

Bikers: Brush up on safety precautions before your next ride

It's summer, and the sun is shining. The days are warm and sunlight sticks around, making the day longer. You love this time of year because it means you get to break out your motorcycle. In fact, you have a few poker-runs planned and hope to participate in a couple of various charity events scheduled throughout Wisconsin.

You take pride in your bike. The freedom and excitement you feel when you ride it bring you joy. While taking your motorcycle out on the road is thrilling, you also understand the risks. When you took your classes and driving test for your motorcycle license, you learned all about the dangers and correct safety measures.

Man arrested for drug crimes in Wisconsin also wanted for murder

Wisconsin police often run background checks on people before arresting them. Doing so often leads to information regarding warrants for arrest, sometimes in the same state, other times elsewhere. This is what reportedly happened during a recent drug crimes arrest, where several people were taken into custody, one of whom is suspected of murder in another state.  

Police say they made the arrests on a recent Thursday. One of the people arrested was a 25-year-old man. It seems that authorities in another state have been looking for this particular man since June. They believe he was responsible for the deaths of three people and the injuries of a child who was present when the deaths took place.

Motor vehicle accidents especially tragic when no one survives

No Wisconsin motorist is immune to collisions when navigating state roadways. However, when drivers are alert and cautious behind their wheels and adhere to all traffic and safety regulations, they increase their chances of safely arriving to their destinations. When drivers are negligent or reckless, motor vehicle accidents are more likely to occur. Accidents involving fatalities are especially tragic.  

A recent incident involved not one, but two fatalities. A 38-year-old man was deemed responsible for the crash that caused his own death and that of an older man in another vehicle as well. The younger man was driving a motorcycle at the time.  

Possible outcomes for marijuana possession cases in Wisconsin

The public debate over marijuana possession shows that many people across the country have relaxed their views concerning recreational marijuana. Some states have legalized marijuana for recreational purposes. Wisconsin lawmakers have not directly legalized pot for recreational use, but, the issue is slated for the ballot in November for Milwaukee County.

A referendum has been proposed to learn more about what voters in Milwaukee think about possession of marijuana. The advisory referendum seeks information about the recreational use of marijuana if the person is 21 years of age or older. The referendum also includes questions about imposing a sales tax on marijuana, much like when alcohol was made legal decades ago.

Summertime is a dangerous time for teenage drivers

Two teenagers were killed last week in a car crash in Florence County, Wisconsin. The two 16-year-olds were driving down a county highway when the driver crossed the center line while trying to make a turn. The vehicle then went off the roadway and a hit a tree, bursting into flames.

Summertime can be an extremely dangerous time for teenage drivers. According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, more than 1,000 people were killed in auto accidents that involved a teenage driver between Memorial Day and Labor Day of 2016.

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