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Are people of color targeted in the USA?

As a person of color, you're told by the media that you're at a higher risk of arrest. What you may want to know is if the statistics truly show that.

Unfortunately, America is, to an extent, racist. Systematically, there are problems that make it more likely for people of color to face problems in the justice system.

When those who cause motor vehicle accidents do not survive

One never knows when a Wisconsin highway will turn from being an uneventful scene of moving traffic to the site of a tragic collision. Motor vehicle accidents often happen suddenly, without warning. In some situations, the drivers believed to have caused the accidents wind up suffering fatal injuries.  

This was the case in a recent incident that occurred Waukesha County. It was a Friday afternoon when two vehicles happen to be traveling in opposite directions on Interstate 94. At some point, the vehicle headed east careened out of control, crossing over the median and collided with the other car.  

Man charged and arrested for drug possession, high-speed chase

Drug crimes vary in severity, and they also vary by type. The kind of charges you face significantly influence the penalties that you could receive. As someone facing charges, it's your right to look into ways of defending yourself. Not all charges are fair, but with support, you can make sure that you are not treated with a bias.

If you do get caught with drugs, it's usually best to avoid doing anything that could make the situation worse. For instance, if you are speeding and lead the police on a chase, then you may face more charges than if they'd simply found the drugs you possessed in the first place.

Neck and back injuries after a car crash

Neck and back injuries can change your life. Even something that is relatively minor, like a whiplash, has the potential to lead to hours in rehabilitation along with headaches, dizziness and other concerns.

After a car accident, you may have neck or back injuries that need to be treated. You should immediately go to the hospital, even if you think you're fine. These types of injuries may be slow to manifest, showing up hours or even days after a crash.

A woman and 2 men accused of drug crimes in Wisconsin

The United States criminal justice system presumes a person's innocence if he or she is charged with a criminal offense. There are often incidents in Wisconsin where more than one person is arrested and charged in connection with the same situation. In fact, this happened recently when two men and a woman were taken into police custody on suspicion of drug crimes.

The three were apparently at the same house when police made the arrests. Such arrests often take place after law enforcement officers arrive unannounced and with warrants. In this case, the three people arrested are suspected of committing crimes involving heroin. They were taken to a nearby county jail.

Steps to take following a slip and fall accident

Slip and fall accidents happen all too often. Property owners are responsible for making sure there are no hazards on their property that could harm visitors, both invited and uninvited. Slip and fall accidents can lead to serious injuries, such as broken bones, impalement, drowning and many other injuries. Today, we will take a look at the steps you should take following such an accident.

The first thing you must do is seek medical care. If you are not seriously injured, you can take yourself to the hospital or the doctor. If need be, call 911 so that police and EMTs can respond to the scene and administer care. The police will also write an incident report.

Motor vehicle accidents involving children, especially tragic

A Wisconsin community was shocked and overcome with grief, following a recent tragedy. The incident involved members of a local Girl Scout troop and an apparent reckless driver. Motor vehicle accidents often occur in areas where posted speed limits vary; in this case, the section of road where a fatal collision occurred ranges from 55 miles per hour to 35 miles per hour over a short span of roadway.  

The scouts and an adult chaperone were providing service to their community by collecting trash from the side of the road. It was broad daylight, and the area where the girls were working was considered safe. Sadly, it wound up being the scene of a disastrous accident when a nearby driver suddenly came careening out of his traffic lane. The vehicle struck several girls and the chaperone.  

Fall season brings dangerous road conditions in Wisconsin

The fall season can be one of the most dangerous times to be on the roads of Wisconsin. Why? There are so many hazards that drivers can come across at any point throughout the day or night. Today, we will take a look at why driving during the fall can be so dangerous for drivers of all experience levels.

For starters, fog plays a major role in accidents during autumn in Wisconsin. Fog can roll in overnight, at dawn and at dusk. Fog doesn't have to be overwhelmingly thick to cause an accident. Many drivers have trouble seeing pedestrians, other drivers and animals when it is foggy.

Alleged violent crimes are not constitutions of guilt

As in all other states, violent crimes sometimes occur in Wisconsin. In fact, on a recent Monday, a man was arrested and charged with stabbing another man. The supposed crime took place in the wee hours after midnight at an apartment. The 42-year-old victim was listed in serious condition and was transported to a hospital for emergency surgery. When prosecutors suspect violent crimes, they are often quite aggressive in their quests to secure convictions.

When Wisconsin police slap handcuffs on someone and take him or her into custody, it is generally because they believe the person has committed a crime.  However, the mere fact that a police officer arrests someone does not mean the person is guilty of the crime or crimes in question. Also, police must have probable cause in order to make an arrest.

Genealogy databases could be used in criminal investigations

Police departments love the popularity of at-home DNA test kits. They're already helping investigators solve old murder cases and other violent crimes.

At-home DNA kits have been marketed as holiday gifts and a way to learn more about family connections. They're also a tool for people who want to add their information to databases that allow them to search for relatives. That's a particular benefit to people who were adopted or conceived through artificial insemination using donor sperm. Numerous people have found lost siblings or parents. Others have uncovered relatives they didn't even know existed.

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