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Motor vehicle accidents and criminal charges sometimes intersect

Like all other states, Wisconsin law prohibits operation of a motor vehicle if a person's blood alcohol content reaches or exceeds a certain level. The problem is that many licensed drivers disregard such laws. This type of negligence often leads to fatal motor vehicle accidents.

A man who was involved in a crash that resulted in not one but three deaths is now facing criminal charges for manslaughter. Officials say he was severely intoxicated when the accident occurred. In fact, his BAC reportedly registered at four times the legal driving limit. It was a Friday evening when 911 dispatchers received a call from a witness who reported a person driving erratically in traffic.

8 arrested and charged in drug-ring bust

When people have addictions or are facing chronic pain, they're more likely to get involved in drug trade. Selling drugs can sometimes be easy money if people don't get caught,hy so it's easy to remain in that lifestyle.

Unfortunately, if you're caught selling or distributing drugs, you can face significant charges. For example, take this case involving a 39-year-old man. It's claimed that he sold so many kinds of drugs that his clients nicknamed him a pharmacy. He and seven alleged co-conspirators were recently arrested and charged.

Know what to do if you're involved in a slip-and-fall accident

Summer is just around the corner, and with that comes the risk of slipping and falling in many places. From city areas that become slick from fountains to amusement parks with slick gravel and turf, there's always a risk of falling and getting hurt.

Many slip-and-fall accidents happen outside. Different conditions have the potential to lead to accidents, so it's no wonder that the somewhat-unpredictable side of nature would lead to injuries. However, as someone who has fallen, you need to consider if someone should have made changes that could have kept you safer.

Motor vehicle accidents: Support for Wisconsin victims

There is always a certain amount of inherent risk involved when traveling by motor vehicle in Wisconsin or any other state. Some people may be more at risk than others, such as inexperienced drivers, those driving in severely inclement weather, or those sharing the roadway with another motorist who is impaired or distracted at the wheel. When motor vehicle accidents occur, the latter two factors are often the cause.

There is really no way for you to know if the driver in a car nearby is daydreaming or otherwise distracted. Taking hands off the wheel or eyes off the road, even for a split second, is enough to cause a serious collision. As for drunk drivers, they are a menace to society.

Methamphetamine: People need help, not prison sentences

Methamphetamine is a stimulant drug. It's highly addictive, which is why it's still so prominent on the streets today. It goes by many names including crystal, meth, chalk, up, speed and shards. Regardless of the name that's used, the drug is equally dangerous.

Methamphetamine is taken by mouth, snorted or injected. It can be dissolved in water or alcohol, too. No matter how it's taken, it can affect the brain and cause addiction.

Stolen vehicle speeds into town and causes roll-over crash

Speeding is one way to be sure that any crash you're in will be worse than if you'd been traveling the speed limit. Despite that, people speed every day, hoping to get to their destinations faster, to evade police, to race or for other reasons.

In a case in Milwaukee, speeding is what led to a roll-over accident. Police reported that a red Ford was traveling at a high speed at around 8:30 p.m. as it approached Hope Avenue. Another vehicle struck the Ford as it entered into oncoming traffic. The Ford went on to barely miss the squad car observing the incident before flipping. It then went on to strike another vehicle.

Judge reveals possible bias in sex crimes case

A judge is an impartial arbiter of justice in a court of law. He or she is supposed to approach each case with an open mind and adjudicate the proceedings based on the evidence presented. In a recent case in Wisconsin a judge may have exhibited bias at a defendant's court appearance in a sex crimes case. The judge allegedly made the comment that the accused was "creepy."

A male driver's education teacher was recently arrested and charged with attempted sexual assault. He was accused of making inappropriate comments to a female student. The student also alleged that the accused touched her inappropriately during classes. According to the student this occurred when she was 15.

Sometimes, possessing a firearm is against the law

Gun violence is a topic that many people don't bring up due to the conflict it can cause. Some believe that guns reduce violence. Others believe they cause it.

Regardless, the fact is that 467,321 people were victims of firearm crimes in 2011. Firearms were used in approximately 68 percent of murders, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and they were also involved in 21 percent of aggravated assaults and 41 percent of robberies.

Motor vehicle accidents: Wisconsin teen dies in secondary crash

Wisconsin highways are often laden with fast-moving traffic. All drivers are tasked with remaining alert behind the wheel and adhering to all state traffic regulations to try to keep themselves and their passengers safe. When motor vehicle accidents occur, those involved remain at risk for further injury while waiting for police and rescue workers to arrive.

tragedy occurred on a recent Wednesday when a 19-year-old female was riding as a passenger in a vehicle operated by a 22-year-old male. A sudden collision disabled the vehicle when it hit the back of a tanker on the roadway. The driver is said to have exited the vehicle while his passenger remained inside.

Heroin: A cheap alternative to prescription pain medications

Heroin is an opiate that has become a major problem throughout America. For many years, medical providers issued opioid medications to patients in pain. These people often became addicted to their medications.

Up until recently, they may have been able to get the medications needed to curb their cravings for opioid drugs, but with the opioid epidemic in full force, more doctors are refusing to give patients opiates without significant cause.

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