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What are some ways to stay safer when driving in winter?

Winter months can lead to some serious traffic incidents when people aren't prepared to drive in unusual weather conditions. Unfortunately, this can lead to a loss of life or victims who suffer significant injuries that last a lifetime.

In Wisconsin, winter often means lots of ice and snow. Blizzard conditions are somewhat common, and drivers have to make the best of conditions that are hazardous in their own right.

Wisconsin residents charged re drug crimes in presence of minors

Wisconsin police often make impromptu visits to people's homes if they suspect that residents have committed a crime or have information regarding someone else who is suspected of criminal activity. Such a visit took place just after midnight on a recent Friday, leading to the arrests of five people who are now facing charges for drug crimes. Authorities say there were minors present when the alleged illegal drug activity took place.

Penalties under conviction for such crimes are often severe in this state. If the court finds that children were present when criminal activity occurred, severity of punishment may be greatly increased. However, there is a big difference between being charged with a crime and convicted of one, as the former does not always lead to the latter.

Racial disparities continue to impact black American communities

As a black person in America, you know that there are racial disparities in incarceration. You know that you could commit the same crime as a white person and may end up with a harsher penalty. This stems from the innate, sometimes subconscious racism that still affects Americans today.

It is sad that black Americans have to worry about their actions having a heavier impact on their lives than white or even Asian or Latino Americans have to worry about. Many say that there is no longer a disparity in incarceration, but the facts don't bear that out.

Is a school liable if I fall on its stairs?

Imagine walking down the pathway at a local school. You're there to pick up your child, and you have to climb several stairs to reach the main doors. You don't notice anything dangerous, but when you reach the second step, you slide unexpectedly and end up falling down several brick stairs. You're cut, bleeding and upset that there was ice left where you, and many children, could fall and get hurt.

There is no excuse for school properties not to be in the best condition possible. When it comes to safety and wellness, schools are looking after the young and impressionable. Children deserve care of the highest level, and leaving ice on stairs is anything but that.

Where to seek support in aftermath of motor vehicle accidents

Whether commuting to work or taking kids to school, Wisconsin travelers often have to navigate high levels of traffic in the early morning hours. Motorists in highly congested areas are at particular risk for motor vehicle accidents. The sudden and unexpected factors of a serious collision often leave victims wondering where to seek support.

A first source of support following a motor vehicle crash typically comes from police and rescue workers. They know how to quickly assess a particular situation and can transport you to the nearest facility that is best equipped to handle your injuries. Even moderate injuries can land you in the hospital for days.

Crash leads to 5 injuries, 1 death

Crashes can be serious enough to result in deaths. When that happens, someone should be held accountable for their actions. Fortunately, most people do stay at the scene of accidents when others are hurt or fatally wounded.

Take, for example, a case from Milwaukee. In a two-vehicle crash, several people were hurt and one woman was killed. The news from Dec. 29 reports that the female passenger of a 25-year-old man's vehicle was killed. The 25-year-old man is allegedly the person responsible for causing the crash with an oncoming Jeep. He is believed to have crossed over the centerline, resulting in a head-on collision.

Wisconsin winters often include motor vehicle accidents

Wisconsin winters make for some difficult travel conditions. Motor vehicle accidents often occur when roads are slippery, visibility is poor or inexperienced or negligent drivers take to the road during a winter storm. Several serious collisions occurred on a recent Monday when snow was falling and road conditions were troublesome.

A 25-year-old woman was making her way through the storm when her southbound vehicle suddenly careened out of control. Ice and snow had already covered State 26 when her car went into a spin and veered into the northbound lane. A vehicle headed in that direction struck the wayward vehicle as it spun and skidded its way across the highway. The woman who reportedly lost control of her steering died at the scene.

Is anyone responsible for ice-skating injuries?

If you slip and fall, there is a chance that you might get seriously hurt. It is normal for people who slip and fall to end up hitting their heads. Some people try to catch themselves and break their arms. In other circumstances, there could be risks of lacerations, burns or other significant injuries.

Slip-and-fall accidents can happen almost anywhere, but there are some places where they're more likely. For instance, if you go to an ice-skating rink, then there is a likelihood that you will fall and potentially hurt yourself. Will the facility be responsible? Will anyone be responsible? It's possible, but it depends on the circumstances.

Man allegedly spoke of violent crimes during Wisconsin OWI stop

Any man or woman who is pulled over in a Wisconsin traffic stop will want to quite wary of he or she says to police. While the Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution protects those in such situations from unlawful searches or seizures and the Fifth Amendment protects the right to remain silent without legal representation, it is definitely true that anything a suspect says or does during a traffic stop or arrest can later be used by prosecutors to incriminate the person if charges are filed. Police claim that a man they recently arrested mentioned past allegations of violent crimes to them while he was being arrested.

Authorities say the man acted inappropriately during a recent traffic stop where the officer at hand suspected him of operating while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. In Wisconsin, this is typically referred to as an OWI stop. Police claim the man swore at the patrolman, made racially biased statements and also mentioned that he had been charged for homicide in the past.

Are people of color targeted in the USA?

As a person of color, you're told by the media that you're at a higher risk of arrest. What you may want to know is if the statistics truly show that.

Unfortunately, America is, to an extent, racist. Systematically, there are problems that make it more likely for people of color to face problems in the justice system.

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