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Cellphone addicts often cause motor vehicle accidents

Many Wisconsin families understand what it is like to try to help a loved one overcome addiction. Whether the drug of choice is alcohol, cigarettes or narcotics, addiction affects not only the person using but the user’s family members, friends and co-workers, as well. Cellphone addiction is a relatively new problem that is on the rise and often leads to motor vehicle accidents.

When cellphones first hit the marketplace, most people simply owned them "in case of emergency." If a car broke down or someone needed to get in touch with a family member on the road, these devices came in handy. Nowadays, however, many people are addicted to cellphones, which is apparent in many cases by a strong urge to constantly be on their phones, even while driving.

Woman faces homicide charges over drug overdose death

When a person chooses to take drugs and overdoses, who should be held liable? In Wisconsin, those who deal drugs are threatened with charges and can be convicted in worst-case circumstances.

Take, for example, this case of a 39-year-old woman from Waupun. She has been accused of first-degree reckless homicide for the overdose death of a 23-year-old man from Fond du Lac.

1 killed, 1 seriously hurt when teen flees police

Drivers know that they should not drive when drunk, tired or distracted. Doing so creates the perfect situation in which a crash could occur. Instead, it's much better to call for a taxi or to get a friend to pick them up.

When drivers don't think about safety, they put themselves and others at risk, like in this case involving a driver who has now been charged in a fatal crash. The man from Milwaukee was traveling near W. Hampton Avenue and N. Sherman Boulevard when he did not stop at a red light. The 19-year-old man was sighted by the police, who realized that his vehicle was stolen.

Former Wisconsin football player acquitted of sex crimes

Wisconsin police sometimes make arrests that lead to criminal charges when, in reality, the defendant or defendants in question are innocent. Not every person charged with sex crimes, for instance, is guilty of the acts asserted against him or her. In many instances, the court finds a defendant not guilty, which is exactly what happened regarding former college football player Quintez Cephus.

He used to be a wide receiver for the University of Wisconsin Badgers' football team. That was before he was charged with sexual assault. When two women accused the 21-year-old of criminal conduct at his on-campus apartment, he was not only suspended from the football team, but he was ultimately expelled from the university. Nevertheless, like others in similar circumstances, Cephus was fully guaranteed the presumption of innocence in criminal court.

What are Wisconsin's violent crime rates?

Violent crimes are among the worst that you can be accused of committing. Why? They're seen as immoral, which makes them even more disgraceful in the eyes of the court.

Many violent crimes have harsh penalties upon conviction. You might face many years in prison or heavy fines.

Get the right help for your catastrophic injury case

Car crash injuries are common after collisions, because the force of an impact has to be spread out. Unfortunately, people's bodies are not as sturdy as a vehicle, and they are likely to suffer as a result.

There are many kinds of injuries that you could suffer, but among the worst are the catastrophic. Catastrophic injuries are injuries that will change your life now and for the foreseeable future. They may include serious brain trauma and spinal injuries.

Motor vehicle accidents: Who's at fault if a stop sign falls?

Wisconsin intersections are dangerous. They are often the scenes of motor vehicle accidents, especially if a driver disregards stop signs or traffic lights. However, in some situations, whether a particular party is at fault is not always immediately clear. Investigators often have to recreate collisions to try to determine who or what may have caused a particular incident.

A tragedy occurred at an intersection on a recent Friday night. Preliminary investigations show that a motorcyclist was entering the intersection on a right of way. A sudden collision occurred when a motor vehicle simultaneously entered the intersection from an adjacent direction.

Violent crimes: Wisconsin often rules drug overdoses as homicide

There is no question that much of Wisconsin and most other states throughout the country are experiencing a serious opioid crisis. However, that does not necessarily mean that every person charged with violent crimes such as drug-related homicide is guilty. There appears to be a rising trend in this state and others where illegal drug overdoses are treated as homicides.

Known as "drug delivery cases resulting in death," prosecutors have been encouraged to pursue such cases in the hope that it will somehow help reduce drug sales on the street. Many cases involve family members of victims being charged for their deaths, as well as those accused of being dealers. The rate of conviction for homicide in drug overdose cases is high.

What happens after you fall on someone's property?

Slip-and-fall accidents can happen literally anywhere. From working on someone's roof and falling to slipping on wet pavement, it's possible to slip and fall in most places.

What makes for a good slip-and-fall case is when the accident happens as a result of a business or homeowner's negligence. For example, if you slip and fall down outside a friend's home because they failed to fix wobbly stairs that they knew about, then you may be able to hold them fully liable for your injuries. Similarly, slipping and falling on a wet floor that has no signage could result in a business being held liable.

Here's what you need to know about violent crimes in the U.S.

Violent crimes range in nature, but the basic similarity is that they all result in the pain and suffering of another person. Interestingly, a violent crime doesn't have to result in actual physical injuries. Threatening violence can also sometimes result in violent crime charges.

The good news about violent crime is that it has declined over time in the United States. There are times when there are more crimes than others due to economic downturns and changes in the social state of the United States; however, Pew Research reports that crime in the United States has fallen over the last quarter of a century. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) says the violent crime rate, in particular, dropped by around 49% between 1993 and 2017. The Bureau of Justice Statistics marks the same time period as having a drop of 74%.

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